Why Hire a Howard County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Insurance adjusters rarely wish to pay what they owe to injured workers and often look for ways to avoid making the full payments you are entitled to. Insurance adjusters are typically well-trained and have enormous resources to hire expensive doctors and lawyers, just to crush your claims for benefits and services. They know the laws, procedures and the commissioners who govern the system. They are trained to capitalize on every mistake you or your doctor makes and can beat you in creative and unpredictable ways. Most claimants have little if any understanding of the WC laws and even less familiarity with the procedures of trying a case.

Why would anyone want to fight the insurer’s juggernaut alone? Many people think that they can’t afford a lawyer but, under the rules of Maryland’s WC system, a claimant will never pay a lawyer out of pocket. Without going into exhaustive detail, a lawyer will only get paid a small percentage of what he wins for you and only under very limited circumstances.

Why Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The laws are complicated. The application and the procedures for them are equally complex. The insurance adjusters work victims have to deal with are well-trained, and they are all represented by highly-skilled attorneys. Most injured workers do not know a thing about workers’ compensation and do not know how to pursue what they need.

When someone is hurt on the job, it could be incredibly emotional and traumatic for them and their family. In addition, they try to deal with delays and providing an insurance company with what they need when they do not actually understand why they need it or how to use it.

When someone retains the services of an attorney in Howard County, they do not pay the attorney out of their pocket. If someone does not get a lawyer the chances of getting what they need are much less. Frequently, victims of work-related accidents do not know what they are entitled to receive.

How an Attorney Helps Victims of Work-Related Accidents Recover

In theory, some people are more capable and more knowledgeable than others and some are actually successful. If someone has a perfect insurance adjuster and a wonderful nurse case manager on the file, they often get everything they need if they read the law and understand the procedures. However, 99 percent of people cannot do that.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will work hard to obtain optimal results for injured workers. The experienced attorney who has many years working on workers’ compensation claims is able to anticipate problems and knows how to avoid or resolve them. They know the best way to present something to an insurance adjuster and how to get them to do something their company does not want them to do.

Often, insurance adjusters want to pay as little as possible. One way to combat that is to have a medical professional attest to what the injured worker needs to make an optimal recovery. This is where an attorney could communicate with medical professionals and retain the services of such a qualified person.

When the case goes to court, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney knows what is necessary, understands how to present what is needed, and is able to prepare the injured worker for court. There is a great difference between merely telling the truth and giving an accurate, complete, concise and clear picture of something. Instead of stating facts without any relevance, the attorney presents the facts using the victim’s personal story to help people understand and feel sympathy.

Oration in Court

Most people are not excellent speakers. They are not comfortable talking about a painful part of their lives or situations. A Howard County workers’ compensation lawyer could help them do that by making them comfortable when they are in court.

The attorney coaches their client about the appropriate things to say and avoid saying in court. They warn the victim of what to and not to say. If the other side has them followed, it takes only one video to show that the client is lying and that will demolish their case even if it is the only time they lifted two grocery bags instead of just one with their bad arm. An attorney could help the injured worker do their best and make them part of the team.

Learn More About Why People Hire Howard County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you are wondering why you should hire a Howard County workers’ compensation lawyer, speaking to an experienced attorney should be the first step. Better understanding a workers’ compensation attorneys’ role and how they could help may overall help you recover the compensation you are entitled to from insurance adjusters. Reach out today to talk with an attorney and learn more about your legal rights.