How Howard County Treats Workers’ Compensation Claims

Many injured workers wish to recover compensation when they are injured on the job, but few know how. Maryland treats workers’ compensation claims through an online system which, fortunately, makes things somewhat easier than other states. This does not mean, however, that you should represent yourself. Instead of taking a chance, enlist the help of an experienced attorney who could place your needs at the forefront of a claim.

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission

Every state has its own governing body. In Maryland, the governing body is the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Other states, the federal government and Washington, D.C. have different names for their industrial injury boards.

The governing body has different names and exists to manage these systems, interpret the law, and make decisions about the applicability of the law to each case. The governing body has a huge effect. They also frequently lobby the state legislature for changes to the laws.

How Maryland Handles Claims for Compensation for Workers

Sometimes, there is little similarity and claims completely fall under the state’s rights. For instance, an individual in Maryland could receive wage replacement or temporary total disability benefits for 20, 30 or 40 years. There is no set limit, yet other states may limit these benefits to a couple of years.

Other states limit how long someone can be out of work for medical treatment. If they continue with medical treatment, they do not get paid. Even if the insurance company wanted to continue payments, they cannot.

In Maryland, an individual has the absolute right to pick their own treating doctor. It is different in Washington, DC and in Virginia. In Virginia, the individual receives a list of three doctors to choose from and they really have no choice.

Fighting those types of issues requires going to a hearing, which takes a long time. The person needs a lawyer to have a chance at success. However, some people try to do it without lawyers. The choice to proceed without a lawyer often frustrates commissioners because they are legally not allowed to help the claimants in any advisory capacity. They are not allowed to make suggestions beyond urging the claimant to get a lawyer.

Public Regulation for Claims

Workers’ compensation is regulated publicly. Most of the insurance companies are private. There is one quasi-state insurer. Most of the money comes from the private sector, but the regulation is public.

Federal Employees

Workers’ compensation for federal employees is an entirely different system from private-sector employees and many attorneys do not handle federal cases for that reason. It is much more difficult. Few if any attorneys handle DC government cases because—although patterned on the federal system– DC government employees’ claims are even less workable.

Fortunately, Maryland treats workers’ compensation cases through an online system. When an attorney files a claim, it is online. If they file for a hearing, it is online. In Washington, DC, everything is still on paper and must be mailed in. It cannot be faxed.

Learn More About How Maryland Treats Workers’ Compensation Claims from a Lawyer

States treat claims for injured workers differently. How Maryland treats workers’ compensation claims is unique for the area. D.C. and Virginia have separate systems, so it could behoove injured workers to enlist the help of an experienced attorney. Claimants DO NOT PAY THEIR LAWYERS OUT OF POCKET, so do not worry about being able to afford a lawyer. Reach out to an attorney today.