Talcum Powder Lawyer

Talcum powder is a made up of magnesium silicate. It is a common mineral used in a wide variety of consumer products and is typically found in hygiene products. The presence of this powder in certain products have been linked with the development of cancer. If you believe that you or someone you know has been injured and/or developed cancer as the result of talcum powder, it is important to speak with an attorney right away. Every state has a statute of limitations, which is a set deadline to have your case filed with the court. If you do not meet that deadline, the court is required to dismiss your case and your claim will be barred for all time. 

Negative Effects of Talcum Powder

The negative consequences of using talcum powder are that talc can pass through the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes, and become large in the ovarian tissue. While the science is still being developed, it appears that talc particles, or silica particles, are becoming large in ovarian tissue, causing the inflammation and leading to cancer.

The science continues to develop although it already shows correlation between talc powder use, ovarian inflammation and resulting cancer. Ovarian cancer is very aggressive, and should someone pass away from cancer that resulted through use of talcum powder, their heirs or family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim.

What to Expect

Mass litigations against large companies, especially against Johnson & Johnson, take a very long time. All clients should expect that litigation will take many years to reach a resolution. The attorneys involved in the talcum powder case will do all of the heavy lifting, but the client will need to meet with the attorney and give them the information they need to task their investigators with pursuing evidence.

Most of these talcum powder cases come down to medical records, which the attorney’s office will gather and collect on their own. Clients can provide this information to their attorneys which can help expedite the process. Attorneys have the tools and forms necessary to get those records. The client should expect that this will take a long time. Typically, it takes several months to get medical records and after that the attorney will typically consult with one of their own medical experts to determine, for example, if it is a case of ovarian cancer, the type of ovarian cancer that is caused, and the literature supporting that the cancer was caused by exposure to talcum powder.

Proving Injuries Using Expert Witness Testimony

A person has to have proof by way of expert testimony that the injury or cancer sustained was caused by talcum powder. The client does not have to prove that themselves; the talcum powder lawyers on the case will be responsible for providing proof, along with their investigators and medical staff. They look through the available evidence to see if there is a sufficient link. In some cases, the attorneys will give the person advice as to the strength of the evidence. They want to give a candid evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual case.

Consulting an Experienced Talcum Powder Attorney

When someone consults with an attorney on a talcum powder case, they will be given basic information by an intake department before having a conference call with the attorney handling the case. The attorney will explain what to expect in litigation, the timelines and time frames, as well as where their case will be filed and the current status of litigation.