Howard County Overexertion Injury Lawyer

Many workplace injuries happen in the blink of an eye. From sudden trips to falls from great heights, these injuries are immediate. The same cannot be said for overexertion injuries. These injuries typically involve significant stress to the body over an extended period. These injuries could have a severe impact on both your career and your life.

If you suffered from overexertion on the job, you could be entitled to compensation through a workers’ comp claim. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney could help you understand the claims process before you file your claim. For help with your workers’ compensation claim, contact a Howard County overexertion injury lawyer right away.

Common Factors in Overexertion Injuries

Any time a Howard County worker performs a task that is beyond their physical capabilities, overexertion occurs. As the body fatigues, the threshold for a person’s physical abilities drops, further increasing the odds of an injury. While overexertion could occur during any physically straining activity, common cases of overexertion include:

  • Lifting heavy boxes
  • Pulling or pushing pallets
  • Carrying heavy items
  • Standing in an unnatural position for long periods of time
  • Working under extreme conditions
  • Exerting energy for too long without rest
  • Performing repetitive actions

No matter the cause, a Howard County overexertion injury lawyer might be able to help a hurt worker get the compensation they need.

Recovering Compensation for Overexertion

When a worker overexerts themselves, it could lead to severe straining or tearing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In severe cases, it could also result in heart attacks, hernias or other life-altering ailments. While a worker’s instinct might be to ignore the issue and try to work through it, taking that route could be unhealthy both physically and financially. Any delay in seeking medical treatment or filing a workers’ compensation claim could have severe consequences.

When it comes to recovering a workers’ compensation award for an overexertion injury, the process begins with the worker notifying an employer of the injury. Notification must take place within ten days of the injuries to avoid a potential denial of the claim. Within 2 years of the injury, the worker must file a compensation claim with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. While some exceptions allow a claim filed after 2 years to move forward, the most claims filed more than 2 years after the date of injury are barred by the limitations period.

Once the employer is notified, they have the opportunity to accept or deny the claim. However, a denial by the employer or its insurer does not necessarily mean a worker would never be able to win necessary treatment, benefits and services.

No-Fault Compensation

Maryland operates a no-fault workers’ compensation system. Unlike with a personal injury lawsuit, an injured worker does not have to prove their employer was negligent to recover compensation and the worker’s own negligence does not prevent him from having a compensable claim. So long as the overexertion injury occurred at work or resulted from work duties, an employee could be entitled to medical care and monetary benefits for their damages.

Despite the no-fault approach Maryland takes to workers’ compensation, that does not mean a Howard County overexertion injury attorney is unnecessary. Many compensation claims end in litigation after the employer denies a claim and knowing how to deal with the insurers and doctors is a hard-earned ability. The laws are complicated and very specific language is needed in medical reports for a claimant to win treatment and benefits. A skilled attorney could help with that process.

Reach Out to Howard County Overexertion Injury Attorney

Overexertion could, over long periods, have a dangerous cumulative impact on your health. These injuries could do more than reduce your ability to maintain employment. In the most serious cases, they could lead to fatal incidents like heart attacks.

If you are ready to move forward with your overexertion injury claim, let experienced legal counsel help. To discuss your case with a Howard County overexertion injury lawyer, call right away.