Taxotere Lawyer

Chemotherapy refers to any drug treatment for any disease, but it is most commonly known as a treatment to control, ease the symptoms, and/or cure cancer. The side effects of chemotherapy as cancer treatment, however, can be painful, alter your physical appearance, and impact your health.

In some cases, however, what a chemotherapy recipient believed would be temporary side effects were long-term or permanent side effects that they were not warned of.

If you were given Taxotere as a part of your cancer treatment and you have suffered long-term side effects, contact an experienced mass torts attorney to have your case evaluated. A skilled Taxotere lawyer can help fight for your right to compensation.


Cancer treatment will often entail the use of a drug cocktail, which is a combination of medication that is used simultaneously to kill cancerous cells. Using a cocktail of drugs decreases the chances that the cancer will become resistant to one of the drugs used, rendering it ineffective.

The medications chosen to treat cancer are dependent on the stage and type of cancer that the patient has coupled with the patient’s overall health and age. Chemotherapy is traditional cancer treatment and is well known to be more effective, when cancer has metastasized, than surgery or laser treatment because it is not localized treatment.

It is also well known to have serious side effects, including hair loss, nausea, loss of appetite, and destroying normal or good cells while damaging cancerous cells, which impacts the immune system.

Taxotere Risks

Taxotere is a medication that is most commonly used in a drug cocktail to treat breast, lung, and ovarian cancer. It is created from Taxol, a molecule that slows the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

Hair loss while receiving cancer treatment is common, but the hair does typically beginning growing back within six months, following treatment.

Researchers have found that Taxotere may cause permanent hair loss. In some cases, Taxotere caused complete baldness while others may have bald patches throughout their scalp. In either case, a Taxotere lawyer should be consulted.

Failure to Warn

Taxotere users were unaware of this risk because the drug label specified that hair would generally grow back until 2010, at which point the manufacturer updated the label to remove the statement, but opted not to address the permanent hair loss.

Medication that is used to stimulate hair growth has not successfully regrown hair loss from Taxotere use and there are not many other treatment options. This can be emotionally scarring because permanent baldness can serve as a constant reminder of the illness.

How a Taxotere Attorney Can Help

If you were given Taxotere while undergoing chemotherapy and six months after treatment, you were diagnosed with permanent hair loss or permanent baldness, contact a lawyer immediately to preserve your legal rights.

A Taxotere lawyer can make you aware of the legal options that are available and the deadlines by which those options have to been exercised to avoid being time-barred.