Howard County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The labors and injuries of the righteous are oft-overlooked by the people around them to a severe disservice. Maryland laws, however, make allowances for injured workers to heal. And yet, when injured employees face the challenges that come with workers’ compensation, they feel they must do it alone.

But they do not. The LawChampion, Glen Burnie workers compensation lawyer Mitchell A. Greenberg, arrives upon his glorious Ducati steed of justice to secure the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. If you have injured yourself at work, this experienced attorney is here to ensure that you receive your entitled benefits!

Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits

An employer usually must carry coverage for workers’ compensation, which will provide for those injured in carrying out their duties with:

  • Wage replacement: The wages lost as you heal can devastate your budgets, but fear not for you are entitled to financial assistance while you recover!
  • Medical treatment: The payment for your healing comes from the insurer your employer uses for workers’ compensation. You will not have to bear this burden yourself.
  • Permanent disability: If your injuries are more comprehensive and long-lasting you may find yourself entitled to additional benefits.
  • Death benefits: Should a worker lose their life due to a workplace injury, their families have rights to compensation.

Though these are guaranteed benefits, that does not mean that the road will be easy. Your insurer and employer may do everything possible to avoid their duties. The LawChampion will hold them accountable! Your injuries will be protected by the glowing blade of justice wielded by a lawyer who cares.

Fighting For Your Compensation

At The Law Office Of Mitchell A. Greenberg, the battle to get you the compensation that belongs to you comes as second nature. You deserve an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer on your side to get you the outcome you deserve. Contact the gladiator for justice today for a free consultation at his Glen Burnie office.