PIP Coverage in Anne Arundel Car Accidents

Personal injury protection coverage is statutorily mandatory and the minimum amount of coverage a person needs to purchase with their insurance is $2,500. The PIP coverage covers a person’s initial medical expenses and any lost wages the person may have as a result of the injuries sustained in a car accident. It is no-fault coverage, meaning that even if the person was responsible for their own injuries, a person can get their medical expenses and lost wages paid for up to the coverage amount. If you want to know more about PIP coverage in Anne Arundel car accidents, speak with a knowledgeable car crash lawyer that could answer your questions.

Factors That Can Lead to Accidents 

Common causes of accidents are rear-enders, running a stop sign or red light, and distracted driving. Cases are not really impacted by the fact that an accident was the result of drunk driving. In Maryland, a person cannot bring up in court that the person was under the influence of alcohol. Speeding can impact collisions ore serious injuries can occur when vehicles are impacted at a high rate of speed. No matter the cause of the collision, PIP coverage in Anne Arundel car accidents could help individuals cover some of the costs of the damage.

What is PIP Coverage?

PIP coverage  is no-fault coverage and does not affect a person’s insurance coverage rates. It covers the person’s initial medical expenses and there is no subrogation, so the person does not have to pay that back. It is better to do a person’s PIP first and then go to a person’s health insurance because that helps optimize any recovery the person has in the future.

If someone does not have PIP coverage, the person would go right to their health insurance coverage and the person’s health insurance carrier will present a lien against any of their settlement proceeds. Anything that the health insurance pays for, the person has to pay the health insurance company back out of the settlement proceeds.

Common Misconceptions About PIP Coverage

The most common misconception  about PIP coverage in Anne Arundel car accidents is that if the person files with their own insurance company for PIP, the person’s insurance rates will go up.

Everyone should know that PIP coverage is available for payment of injuries and lost wages initially. The person does not have to pay it back to anyone, it is not subrogable, and it does not affect a person’s insurance rates. A person can also purchase more than just $2,500 in their insurance plan.

The Value of an Anne Arundel Car Crash Lawyer

If you have been involved in a collision, it is vital that you contact a knowledgeable legal advocate who is aware of the factors impacting car accidents in Anne Arundel. Talking to the insurance company and giving them a recorded statement before consulting an attorney or trying to settle early before the person understands the extent of their injuries are the main mistakes. Lawyers can help by explaining the benefits of PIP coverage in Anne Arundel car accidents and how to use it.

Attorneys could also deal with the insurance company on your behalf. They can deal with your insurance company, collect your medical bills, medical records, and lost wages. A skilled lawyer could collect all the evidence needed in order to present a settlement demand to the insurance company on your behalf. Contact an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.