Anne Arundel Truck Accident Lawyer 

If you have been injured in a truck accident you should contact an Anne Arundel truck accident lawyer. Commercial truck accidents are complicated and trucking companies also carry larger insurance premiums, which would ensure that you could recover the full damages that you sustained during the accident. Given the complexity of ligation involved with commercial trucking, an experienced personal injury attorney could be crucial in securing you the damages that you deserve.

Common Causes of Truck Collisions

Common causes of truck accidents in Maryland are normally aggressive techniques by the commercial truckers that put others in danger. Commercial truckers commonly engage in distracted driving by eating, excessive speeding, talking on the phone, or texting while they are behind the wheel.

Excessive speeding is a very common cause of accidents, and that can be combined with overweight trucks which cause excess speeds specifically on downgrades where the truck is going downhill and is unable to apply its breaks.

In Maryland, truck drivers are not allowed to have any alcohol in their systems. If a truck driver is intoxicated at any level, that would be one of the factors cited as causing the accident.

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is also a big factor because there are specific regulations in Maryland combined with federal government regulations that regulate how long a truck driver can drive before they need to take rest as well as what that rest should entail.

Failure to Follow Trucking Regulations

Failure to follow state or federal truck driving laws is another cause of accidents as well as not adjusting to changing road conditions during times of extreme weather. Such extreme weather is prevalent in winter, given that ice can form on cold nights even when there has been no snow or icy precipitation during the day.

Finally, the lack of driver qualifications and training experience can be a cause of an accident. There are federal and state regulations that lay out the specific qualifications, training, and follow-on experience that are needed by commercial truck drivers before they get behind the wheel.

Common Injuries

Most common injuries sustained by passengers or drivers of cars when they are involved in an accident with a truck are the most severe injuries  Given these severe injuries, victims should consult attorneys, who could handle the legal case so that a person can focus on their medical needs and the needs of their passengers. The legal case could be an extensive and complex process. Since the process is extensive and complex, a victim of a truck accident should consult an Anne Arundel truck accident lawyer that could help guide them through the process.

Unique Ways Truck Accident Claims

A truck accident claim in Maryland can be unique because of the poor weather conditions and roads that are unsafe. While handling a truck accident claim, the attorney deals with the truck driver, the truck company, or a product’s manufacturer for that truck. Additional legal steps might be taken because the State, County, or City may be liable for the wreck.

Contributory Negligence Truck Accidents

Maryland is a contributory negligence jurisdiction. Contributory negligence comes in to play with truck accident cases much like any car accident case. If a car driver is even one percent at fault, the one percent at fault could bar their claim in Maryland. However, that does not mean that a person should not consult an attorney just because they think that they may have been at fault. Consulting an Anne Arundel truck accident lawyer could enable them to have a complete answer from an experienced attorney who deals with these kinds of accidents all the time.

Value of Contacting an Anne Arundel Truck Accident Attorney

It is important to contact an attorney early on in the case for two reasons. First, the attorney can take this matter off your hands. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in these cases but you may feel better if you know that you have hired professionals that are experienced and could help you. It is also important to speak with an Anne Arundel truck accident lawyer because they could help find out who is at-fault and needs to be held liable. Speak with a truck accident attorney that could advocate for you.

Anne Arundel Truck Accident Lawyer