Anne Arundel Uber/Taxi Car Accident Lawyer

Maryland law applies to all of the counties equally, so this is not specific to Anne Arundel County. A common carrier would include public transportation, a bus, a metro, a taxi cab, and even vehicles like Uber and airport shuttles. Just as personal vehicles are prone to accidents, common carriers can sometimes become involved in accidents as well. That is why if an individual has been injured due to an Uber driver’s negligence, it is important to speak with a capable Anne Arundel Uber/Taxi car accident lawyer. A hardworking attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a fair outcome for you.

Difference Between Uber Collisions and Car Collisions

From a legal perspective, the same standard of negligence applies in accidents involving regular vehicles and accidents involving common carriers. The issue really is going to be the insurance company and figuring out who is going to be paying for the injuries. Dealing with insurance companies can be a major challenge, especially with Uber drivers, because some Uber drivers do not get the proper insurance and then their insurance denies coverage. Dealing with insurance is where it gets a little tricky when a person is involved in an accident with an Uber driver, a taxi driver, or a bus. An Anne Arundel Uber/taxi car accident lawyer could speak with the insurance company on the accident victim’s behalf and advocate for them.

Steps to Take Following an Accident Involving a Hired Driver

Following an Uber or taxi accident, the accident victim needs to get the driver’s name, the company they are driving for, and their personal insurance if there is not any company insurance. They should also get the person’s license plate and their address just to make sure the driver has all of their identifying information.

Recovering Damages  

A person would go about recovering damages in an Uber accident the same way that a person would recover damages from a private driver. A person can present a claim against their insurance carrier. The insurance carrier for the Uber driver would be responsible if they are the cause of the accident, but it depends on what that driver’s agreement is with Uber and their own insurance company. Punitive damages are typically not involved in taxi accidents, unless there is absolutely gross indifference to a person’s safety. An Anne Arundel Uber/taxi car accident attorney could help an individual pursue compensation for their injuries.

Value of an Anne Arundel Common Carrier Crash Lawyer

Due to the amount of players involved in common carrier collisions, It can be difficult to figure out  ferreting who is the insurance company for the driver and/or the common carrier. Alternatively, there may not be any and that could be very frustrating if you are hurt and in pain and seeking treatment. An Anne Arundel Uber/taxi accident lawyer could be an invaluable asset during this time. Let an experienced legal advocate fight for you.