Anne Arundel Premises Liability Lawyer

As defined by Anne Arundel law, premises liability is the responsibility of people who own or possess property to ensure that people who are entering their property are not injured. A premises liability case involves someone receiving an injury on the property of someone else, and it will depend on their status on the property. If you have been injured on premises, speak with an Anne Arundel premises liability lawyer. They could walk you through the premises liability process. Work with a capable personal injury attorney that could help you recover compensation for your injuries.

The Duty of Care in Premises Liability Cases

All property owners must use reasonable care to see that the portions of the property that are going to be used by people are safe. With that being said, the duty or standard of care that they owe a person that they are inviting onto their property depends upon the status of the person on the property.

For instance, the status could be a business invitee, someone who is on the premises for reasons related to the owner’s business or occupation. The status could be someone who is a social guest, as they are invited for no business purpose. There is also a category for someone who is not allowed to be there, called a trespasser.

Licensees in Premises Liability Cases

A licensee is a person who is on the property with the consent but not at the invitation of the owner or occupier and they are there to serve their own interests but not to serve any interest of the owner or occupier. An example of this is someone who is visiting a park. They are there for their own purposes and have not been invited personally by the landowner. However, the landowner has consented to this person being on the property, as the park is open to the public. That park-goer is considered a licensee. An Anne Arundel premises liability lawyer could further explain those classifications and the implications they could have on someone’s case.

How Premises Liability Differs From Other Personal Injury Cases

A premises liability case differs from other personal injury cases in terms of respected duty that a property owner or possessor has, otherwise known as the standard of care towards the person on the property. A person has to use reasonable care to make sure that portions of the property are safe that people may be expected to use, and they have to protect against known dangers as well as dangers they should have known about, in some cases.

For instance, if a person is in the supermarket and the freezer case is leaking water all over the floor that causes the person to slip and fall, it must be shown that the business knew the water was there in order to be responsible for the injury to the customer.

Aspects of Premises Liability Cases to Keep in Mind

If a person is injured on the property of someone else, they need to find out who owns the property, and they need to understand that just because they were injured on property does not necessarily mean anybody is responsible. These cases depend on a lot of different factors, including what they were doing on the property.

When Might an Attorney Refuse to Take a Case?

An Anne Arundel premises liability lawyer may sometimes turn down a person’s case. Attorneys typically conduct an investigation, and if they find out that the person was not supposed to be on the property in the first place, they are legally considered a trespasser. There is minimal duty to a person who is trespassing. The attorney would turn down the case in that instance or in situations in which the person was contributorily negligent in their own injury. An example of contributory negligence is if they saw the problem that was on the property, ignored it, and became hurt.

Consulting an Anne Arundel Premises Liability Attorney

You should hire an Anne Arundel premises liability lawyer if you have been seriously injured and there was a defect on the property or if you need assistance in trying to figure out whether or not the property owner and/or the possessor of the property was aware of the defect. An attorney could help guide you through the personal injury process. A premises liability attorney more broadly practices personal injury law.

Anne Arundel Premises Liability Lawyer