Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Montgomery County

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance required of most employers. These policies provide important benefits for workers who are injured or become ill on the job. This system is “no-fault,” which means benefits could be available regardless of whether the worker was negligent or careless when the injuries occurred.

The benefits of a successful workers’ compensation claim could be substantial. In addition to payments for your lost wages, you could also receive medical treatment paid for by your employer’s insurance company.

Obtaining these benefits is not always easy, even in cases where you were clearly not at fault. Insurance companies often work tirelessly to deny claims despite the no-fault nature of this system. Thankfully, a skilled attorney could advise you on how to recover workers’ compensation benefits in Montgomery County.

What Types of Available Benefits Are Available in a Workers’ Comp Claim?

There are three major types of benefits available in a successful workers’ compensation claim. These include the cost of reasonable medical treatment for the injury, disability benefits intended to cover a worker’s lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation. A local attorney could fight for any or all of these workers’ compensation benefits on behalf of a claimant.

Medical Expenses

The workers’ compensation system provides for the cost of reasonable medical treatment resulting from a workplace injury or illness. This can mean paying for medical bills as long as the worker is still in recovery.

Notably, only reasonable, necessary and causally-related medical expenses are covered. A worker who suffers an injury can only seek reasonable treatment specifically related to that condition. Elective medical procedures or the treatment of injuries not directly related to workplace incidents may not be covered.

Different Types of Disability Benefits

Disability benefits provide an injured worker with weekly cash payments based on their wage prior to the injury. Disabilities are either temporary or permanent, as well as either total or partial.

Temporary benefits, as the name implies, will not be available forever. These benefits are only available to workers who are still treating for their injuries and have not yet reached maximum recovery. Once a worker’s doctor determines their condition has improved as much as possible, they can then make the determination of whether the injury is permanent. This is known as a patient reaching maximum medical improvement (MMI).

The difference between partial and total disability is also important to determining benefits. Partial disability means a person is unable to work their normal job to their full capacity but they retain some ability to work. This can include working fewer hours or taking on a lower-paying position. Total disability means a worker is unable to work in any capacity.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Finally, vocational rehabilitation is a benefit available to some employees injured in workplace accidents. If a worker is no longer able to return to their original position but can work in some capacity, they might be entitled to training or assistance finding a new line of work.

Let an Attorney Advise you on Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Montgomery County

A successful workers’ compensation claim in Montgomery County could lead to benefits that help you make ends meet after an injury. From paying your medical bills to covering your lost wages, workers’ comp could allow you to maintain your quality of life despite your injuries. Call now to learn if an experienced attorney could assist you with the process of recovering these benefits.