What to Do After a Work Accident in Montgomery County

For the most part, state-mandated workers’ compensation insurance policies cover employees in Montgomery County These policies are mandated by state law and are designed to compensate a worker with an occupational illness or workplace injury. This no-fault system is intended to provide injured workers with an avenue to make a recovery after sustaining an injury in the line of work.

Although this system is supposed to benefit the worker, insurance companies often go to great lengths to deny a claim. Thankfully, a denied claim is not the end. With the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, you could appeal these denials.

In many cases, however, avoiding unforced errors could greatly increase the chances that your claim is accepted. By knowing what to do after a work accident in Montgomery County, you could obtain the benefits you deserve.

Seek Medical Treatment As Needed

The first step following a work accident is to obtain the necessary medical treatment. This step is important for more than one reason. First and foremost, a worker’s physical health and wellbeing should be their top priority. Even if the injury seems relatively minor at first, it is worth having it checked out. In many cases, a minor injury could quickly become something more serious in a matter of days or even hours.

Additionally, seeking medical treatment is important for protecting a compensation claim. If a worker fails to have their injuries tended to, the insurance company could allege that they failed to mitigate their damages. What’s more, establishing the severity of a worker’s injury is difficult without medical records to back up the claim.

Notifying An Employer

Another important step following a workplace accident is notifying an employer or supervisor. This step is important, as it puts the employer on notice of a potential claim on its insurance.

Under the law, a worker must notify their employer or supervisor within ten days of the accident. This injury notification can be made orally or in writing. However, providing the notice in writing is typically best. A written notice provides much stronger evidence in case there is a dispute regarding whether the worker properly notified their employer of the injury.

Are Workers Required to Discuss Their Injuries

After a work accident in Montgomery County, a worker must provide notice of an accident. That does not mean they are required to discuss their injuries in detail with their employer. The employer and their insurance company are often more than ready to use anything a worker says as an excuse to deny a claim.

Are Injured Workers Allowed to Obtain Legal Counsel?

Throughout the claims process, an injured employee has the right to seek help from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. By working with attorney, an employee could rely on the advice of counsel when preparing their claim. Following a denial, an attorney could also represent an injured worker through the appeals process. In many cases, a skilled attorney could make the difference between obtain benefits and missing out.

Let an Experienced Attorney Show You What to Do After a Work Accident in Montgomery County

Following the appropriate steps after a Montgomery County workplace injury can greatly improve your chances of recovering benefits. By seeking immediate medical attention and meeting the deadline to notify your boss, you strengthen your claim and your chances of a full recovery from your injuries.

Out of all the steps, however, selecting the right legal counsel is arguably the most important. Your attorney can guide on you what to do after a work accident in Montgomery County, and work tirelessly to obtain the benefits you need. Contact a Montgomery County worker’s compensation lawyer right away to learn more.