Montgomery County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Car accidents in parking lots are different form accidents on the road in a number of ways. Accidents that occur in parking lots typically occur at a relatively low speed. These accidents usually do not generate substantial injuries when they involve two motor vehicles. Accidents have a tendency to occur in parking lots because they are highly congested areas and vehicles are either backing into spaces or the drivers of the vehicles may not be paying full attention because they are looking for a parking space. This allows an opportunity for accidents to occur. Parking lots also involve a lot of pedestrian traffic. When there are vehicles with distracted drivers looking for a place to park, or drivers whose view is limited because they are backing out of a space, pedestrian accidents occur relatively easily.

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Rules of Safe Driving in Montgomery County Parking Lots

Generally speaking, the rules do not change when operating a vehicle in a parking lot. A driver in Montgomery County along the main pathway has the right of way. Anyone attempting to get into the main line of traffic must yield the right of way. Likewise, the driver is required to operate his/her vehicle in a safe and prudent manner to avoid a collision. In general, the rules of the road apply the same as they do to parking lots, but the application of those rules is different based upon the specific facts presented to each driver. The driver of a motor vehicle is required to use common sense and operate his/her vehicle as safely as possible in a parking lot.

How Insurance Companies Handle Parking Lot Accidents

Generally speaking, insurance companies are skeptical of parking lot accidents. Insurance companies have a lot of experience in handling claims. It is their assumption that there is little to no opportunity for a personal injury involving a vehicle collision in a parking lot simply because of the low speed involved. Likewise, they evaluate each case very carefully to determine whether the injured party was in any way contributorily negligent.

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Contributory Negligence in Montgomery County

In Montgomery County, contributory negligence applies the same in parking lot cases as it does any other case. In the evaluation of the claim, the actions of the injured person, be it a pedestrian or the driver of the motor vehicle, are evaluated based upon the circumstances of that particular incident.

How a Montgomery County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer Can Help

Someone involved in a parking lot accident should look for a Montgomery County parking lot accident attorney who has handled similar cases before and an attorney who is willing to perform a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances of the accident. It does no service to a client to fail to properly investigate the facts and circumstances of the accident and likewise fail to advise the client of any potential defenses that may confront them such as contributory negligence or assumption of risk.

A lawyer with experience will know how to investigate these cases. They will know where to look and what evidence to look for.