Montgomery County Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

A failure to yield accident is typically a more complicated claim to evaluate and process. When one person attempts to enter the main roadway, the driver must yield the right of way to the other vehicles that are established on that roadway. Unfortunately, this maneuver is typically not very well executed in normal everyday life. Sometimes, there are traffic conditions and patterns that do not allow for traffic to easy merge. Likewise, a number of accidents occur when vehicles are trying to change lanes while traveling in the same direction. These scenarios present very difficult and murky factual patterns when a determination of fault has to be made.

In such instances, it is crucial for an individual to get in contact with an experienced Montgomery County car accident lawyer. He or she will help you establish your claim and earn the claim the damages that are owed you.

Failure to Yield and Impact on Liability

Accidents resulting from failure to yield can occur in any number of ways. One way in particular involves pedestrians. People mistakenly believe that pedestrians in Montgomery County always have the right of way. Unfortunately, that is not the law. The law requires a pedestrian to yield the right of way to an approaching vehicle when the pedestrian is crossing the street anywhere other than at a crosswalk or in the middle of the block. If a person is out of the crosswalk and fails to yield, than the pedestrian may be deemed contributorily negligent and be barred from recovery.

How Insurance Companies Treat Failure to Yield Accidents

Insurance companies treat failure to yield accidents as they do all accidents. They investigate the facts and circumstances of the accident to the fullest extent. They contact each and every witness and do a thorough investigation to determine whether their insured is liable for the accident. If the insurance company believes the injured party was contributorily negligent, the insurance company defends the claim based upon that factual basis. Whenever there is a dispute as to liability, meaning there is a question as to who was at fault or there is a question as to whether the at-fault party is contributorily negligent, the insurance company will likely not make a substantive offer of settlement because it feels justified in denying the claim.

When fault comes into question, it is beneficial to have an experienced Montgomery County failure to yield accident attorney by your side who can help walk you through how to build your claim. Someone with experience will have handled these types of claims before. They will know what arguments work and what don’t. That experience and knowledge is a unique asset to those seeking damages in a failure to yield accident.

Ways a Montgomery County Failure to Yield Lawyer Can Help

Failure to yield accident attorneys in Montgomery County investigate cases in any number of ways. They speak with the injured person, who is their client. They speak with any witnesses, who may be available. Rarely, attorneys speak with the responding police officer. The police officer usually did not see the accident occur and merely relays the same information provided in his/her report. Attorneys can also utilize expert witnesses to investigate the incident. An accident reconstructionist can study the accident scene and any other objective information, such as a vehicle’s black box, and use this information to formulate an opinion regarding how the accident occurred.

Working With Private Law Firm v. Solo Practitioner

It is beneficial for anyone involved in a failure to yield accident to work with a law firm as opposed to a solo practitioner because a law firm has the resources to investigate the claim and fully vet any issues that may preclude an injured party from recovering. For example, if it’s necessary to retain the services of an accident reconstructionist, a solo practitioner may be unwilling or unable to pay the cost necessary for these services and may forego the use of an expert witness. Ultimately, that can prove detrimental in establishing liability at trial. In cases such as a failure to yield case, it is beneficial to retain the services of a law firm versus a solo practitioner.

Besides the value of having additional resources available that can be used for clients’ benefit, an experienced Montgomery County failure to yield accident lawyer will bring years of knowledge to a client’s case.