Montgomery County Icy Road Accident Lawyer

Icy roads are very dangerous. A large volume of motor vehicle accidents occur during icy conditions for any number of reasons. People may not know the road is icy, and therefore drivers may not operate their motor vehicles appropriately. Also, some people may not have experience driving on icy roads, which can also be dangerous because.

Anyone involved in an accident should do their best to collect information from the other vehicle involved and determine whether they are in need of medical assistance. One of the first things a person should do after they have been involved in a car accident of any kind, is to seek medical attention for themselves and the people in their vehicle. After a thorough examination, it is then up to each person involved whether they want to get in contact with a Montgomery County car accident lawyer to file an action.

Potentially Obtainable Damages

The damages available to injured people in an icy road accident are essentially the same damages available in a normal motor vehicle collision. These damages include the reimbursement of medical expenses, for the treatment of injuries caused by the motor vehicle accident, reimbursement of lost wages as well as pain, suffering and inconvenience.

Proving Ice Was Cause of Car Accident in Montgomery County

A person can prove that the road in Montgomery County was icy by either eliciting testimony from the parties that the road was icy or through the introduction of outside information such as a certified copy of the weather report for the date, time and location of the collision.

However, an injured person should be aware that the driver of the striking vehicle may use the icy conditions as a defense. It is important to remember that the happening of an accident is not evidence of negligence. The fact finder must find that the driver of a motor vehicle violated the standard of care.

If, however, the fact finder (typically a jury) finds that the driver was operating his/her vehicle in a safe and prudent manner, but the collision was simply an unfortunate result of the icy roads and there was nothing the driver could do to avoid the collision, the jury may find the driver not at fault for the collision. Those involved in a collision on an icy road should be aware of how this fact may adversely affect his/her claim.

How a Montgomery County Icy Road Accident Lawyer Can Help

It is important for anyone involved in an accident to work with an experienced Montgomery County icy road accident attorney to help them understand any of the issues that may come up during the course of their claim. An icy road is a situation that should be discussed at length with the attorney to determine how and if it may affect that person’s claim. It depends on the factual situation of that particular case as to whether it will affect the claim at all versus whether it may act as a complete bar of recovery.

Not only will an icy road accident lawyer in Montgomery County help guide you through your claim process, they will also be there every step of the way as well. It is their job to keep you informed and up-to-date about the intricacies of your situation. When hiring a lawyer, it is important to select someone who you believe will be open and communicative with you.