What to Do After a Montgomery County Car Accident

Someone who has been involved in a car accident in Montgomery County, Maryland should remember that their health and their passengers’ health are the primary focus following a car accident. While being involved in a car accident can be a very discombobulating experience, protecting your health is of the utmost importance. After ascertaining your health and that of your passengers, then comes the time to worry about taking legal action. If you decide to proceed with your case, contact a Montgomery County car accident lawyer before you take action.

Contact Montgomery County Police

The first thing a person should do following a motor vehicle accident is assess the situation, and when possible contact the police as quickly as possible. The police should respond to the scene and facilitate any medical treatment that may be needed by anyone involved in the accident. Additionally, Montgomery County police should facilitate the exchange of contact information between those involved in the accident and collect statements from witnesses along with the witnesses contact information.

By contacting the police, the injured party sets in motion a number of different things that can prove very useful to him/her in processing the claim in the future. When police get involved, there is legal evidence that an accident took place, which protects your interests should you decide to file claim against the other party.

Seek Medical Attention

The second thing a person should do is evaluate their well-being. If they have any concerns whatsoever about how they are feeling or whether they are injured in the accident, they should request medical treatment immediately at the scene.

Anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident in Montgomery County should not feel embarrassed or feel as though they are burdening anyone else with a request for medical treatment. Being checked out medically is one of the most important things anyone can do following a motor vehicle accident.

The third thing someone should do after a motor vehicle accident depends on how they are going to leave the accident scene. If they leave the accident scene in an ambulance, they should be concentrating on their medical treatment, how they’re feeling, and what symptoms they have. They need to relay that information so the medical providers can proceed accordingly.

Stay Aware of What’s Happening

If the injured person is not leaving the scene in an ambulance, he/she is probably leaving the scene in either his/her own vehicle or with someone else. When everything is completed at the scene, the person should contact their own insurance company, and describe the sequence of events and report any injuries.

The next thing that someone should do is keep cumulative notes of the medical treatment received for injuries sustained in the accident. Sometimes people forget the names of medical facilities or healthcare providers, who provide an evaluation, consultation, or other one-time services.

If the injured person is able to keep a chronology of the medical treatment, it can be a very useful tool in explaining the nature and extent of injuries to the court or to someone else during the course of the case. Having that information ready and available will make it easier for your Montgomery County car accident attorney to look out for your interests.

Call a Montgomery County Car Accident Lawyer

If you are considering bringing a case against the other party involved in a car accident, hiring an experienced Montgomery County car accident lawyer is helpful. The car accident lawyers at our firm handled many similar cases and have practiced for years. They will guide you through the process and make themselves available to you should you have any questions.