Montgomery County Teen Car Accidents

Teen driving is particularly risky for the teen operating the motor vehicle and anyone else sharing the road with them. Teens are involved in car accidents for any number of reasons including their youth or inexperience, distracted driving, the use of cellphones or other occupants of the vehicle. The reason that teen driving can be more risky is because a teen typically does not have the same level of experience operating a motor vehicle as other drivers. They have been on the road for a far shorter amount of time than an adult, who has likely spent years on the road. Further, teenagers may be more easily distracted by other occupants of the vehicle or cellphones than other, more experienced, drivers.

However, a young driver’s inexperience is not an excuse for negligent driving. Younger drivers’ propensity to focus on things like their phones and their radios while driving can also result in car accidents. Regardless of the age of a driver, a Montgomery county car accident attorney can help you pursue a fair settlement for any pain and suffering you may have experienced as a result of their negligence.

Parents’ Role After Car Accident Involving Teens

A parent should instruct their teenager to remain at the scene of any accident and to collect as much information and/or insurance information for any and all vehicles involved in the accident. The teenager should make contact with any responding police officers to discuss how the accident occurred and to ensure that all the contact information is exchanged appropriately.

Preventing Teens From Getting Involved in a Car Accident

A parent should discuss the dangers involved with operating a motor vehicle along with the potential for serious injury or death when a motor vehicle accident occurs. Also, a parent should work with the teenager and get them behind the wheel, while closely supervised, as often as possible to gain valuable experience.

Though the state of Maryland has standards that every driver must reach before they can obtain a driver’s license, the minimum amount of experience is not enough for a teenager to gain complete and thorough experience with the road.

Teen Driving Statistics in Montgomery County

Compared to more experienced drivers, teen drivers are three times as likely to be involved in a car accident. For new drivers who may be experiencing their first taste of freedom after getting their license, they may be sharing the experience with their friends. With multiple passengers in the car, there is also an increased likelihood that a driver will be distracted, likewise increasing the chances they will be involved in a car accident.

Although there are strict driving restrictions in place in hopes of keeping younger drivers safe while on the road, teen drivers and passengers do not necessarily follow those restrictions. In the state of Maryland, teenage drivers have strict driving curfews and passenger requirements. Despite the many restrictions teenage drivers face, their enthusiasm can lead to violations and can potentially result in physical harm to another person. Should that be the case, it is vital to contact a Montgomery County car accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss options and how to proceed.