Rollover Car Accidents in Maryland

Rollover accidents account for approximately 3% of all car accidents, but they result in more than 30% of deaths in these crashes. Although your odds of being in a rollover accident are slim, you are highly likely to be injured or killed if one does result. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a rollover accident, please contact a car accident lawyer in Maryland today.

Tripping and Other Causes of Rollover Accidents

Why do rollovers happen? A phenomenon called “tripping” occurs in almost all cases. “Tripping” means that when one of the vehicle’s tires hits something — like a curb, bump, or shoulder — the vehicle’s momentum causes it to lean forward, or lean sideways. A rollover is what results. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) estimates that nearly 85% of rollovers are single vehicle accidents, and 95% of them are due to tripping. If you – or someone that you love – was involved a rollover accident, contact a Maryland motor vehicle accident attorney.

Important Factors that Contribute to Rollover Accidents

There are many reasons that your rollover car accident deserves a lawyer’s attention. Vehicle design, tire failure, road conditions, weather, and other drivers’ behavior often contribute to rollover accidents. As such, an attorney may be able to help you seek compensation if the accident was due to these factors. Other reasons that rollovers occur include:

  • A high center of gravity. SUV’s are the most common vehicles involved in rollovers due to their high centers of gravity. Other high-risk vehicles include pick-up trucks and minivans.
  • Defective tires. Tire failure commonly results in rollovers, because drivers lose control of their vehicles.
  • Poorly maintained roads. A lack of warning signs can cause preventable rollovers. When roads are not maintained, bumps and potholes develop, and become tripping mechanisms. Construction zones which lack warning signs can cause drivers to make sudden, evasive maneuvers that end in rollovers.

Parties Responsible for Rollover Accidents

The parties responsible for rollover accidents should be held legally accountable. Vehicle manufacturers, tire manufacturers, dealerships, and automobile repair shops often contribute to design flaws, faulty tires, and other vehicle defects that make rollovers more likely to occur. Government entities are liable for poorly maintained roads, as well as those lacking proper warning signs.

It can be difficult to determine exactly why rollover car accidents occur, especially if more than one factor is involved. A thorough inspection of your vehicle and the scene should be undertaken as soon after the accident as possible – preferably by a skilled attorney with experience in such cases.

A rollover accident can result in serious injuries, including those incurred during roof crushes and vehicle ejection. Talk to an attorney if your rollover accident results in head trauma, spinal or brain injuries, or even a loved one’s death.

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