Misconceptions About Car Accidents in Maryland

Car accidents in Maryland are always a stressful ordeal. An injury attorney in Maryland can help you file a claim and fight for the compensation you deserve.  Contacting a car accident attorney in Maryland has plenty of benefits. Below are the three most common myths about car accidents:

Recovering Compensation in Maryland

The top misconception is that because you are involved in an accident you are automatically able to recover money. In Maryland, they have what is called contributory negligence, which means that if you are more than 1% at fault you can’t recover, which is something that some people don’t know.

Insurance Companies Are Here to Help You

The other misconception with Maryland is that your insurance company is there to help you. Often times when you alert your insurance company that you are involved in an accident they will try to minimize your damages in that they have to pay out the least amount of money to you. It is because the insurance companies don’t have your best interest in heart. Their best interest is paying out the least amount of money possible for your injuries as well as the damage to your vehicle.

Accident Victims from Out of State Can’t File a Claim in Maryland

Another misconception is that an out of state resident who is involved in a motor vehicle accident in the state of Maryland or whom resides in the state of Maryland can file a lawsuit in the state of Maryland.

Maryland has jurisdiction over actions within its borders as well as defendants who cause accidents within the state of Maryland or outside of the state of Maryland. So someone who is from out of state and who is travelling through Maryland can sue someone in the state of Maryland after the car accident that occurred in Maryland.