Maryland Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Involved in an accident when a car failed to yield? If so then the following is what you should know about filing an injury claim. To learn more and begin the path toward compensation, call and schedule a consultation with a Maryland car accident attorney today.

What Constitutes Failure to Yield in Maryland?

Failure to yield means that another person has the right of way and if someone has the right of way then another vehicle is supposed to yield to them or to let the person pass before proceeding on to the roadway. One common example is when you merge onto a highway is that the person who is already on the highway has the right of the way and the person merging is supposed to yield the right of way

If the second person does not do that and there is a collision between the two vehicles the person who failed to yield the right of way will typically be held at fault for the accident unless there’s extenuating circumstances like the person who is already on the highway is driving erratically or is speeding or doing something else that they’re not supposed to.

Failure to yield can be an indication of who is at fault in an accident case but it’s not the ultimate decider. Another example of a failure to yield is when someone is making a right on red or a right turn on a red light or when they’re parked underneath a traffic signal waiting to turn left. Those people do not have the right of way and they’re supposed to yield the right of way to the ongoing traffic where the people are already in the intersection.

More Examples of Failure to Yield Accidents

One example would be a person making a right turn at a red light or waiting to turn left at stop sign where they’ll have to cross in front of another lane of traffic. Most of the time this failure to yield is caused by people who are either impatient or are distracted when they’re driving or feel like they can you know beat someone to a spot. Unfortunately those can cause serious accidents because when there’s a failure to yield, one of the things you can do is that there can be the potential for like a T-bone accident whereas you know They can cause potential for very serious accident.

How Failure To Yield Can Impact Liability

Well it’s a failure to yield is a traffic violation and it can be a ticketable offense. Meaning that a police officer who deemed someone that failed to yield can be ticketed for failing to yield and that can be used as an exemplar or an indication of fault or liability in causing an accident. It can be used to support your case.

Ways An Attorney Can Investigate To Determine Fault

One of the things an attorney can do which is always important in any case is to visit the scene of the accident so that they can look and see why their client thinks that the other person failed to yield. So typically if it’s a failure to yield there’s some kind of traffic device or even a yield sign sometimes that indicates that the person who hits you is supposed to yield. So it could be a traffic light with an arrow or a stop sign or a yield sign, but there should be some indication that the person was supposed to yield. Which is one of the first things an attorney should do in a failure to yield accident.