Common Car Accident Injuries in Maryland

A serious car accident can lead to debilitating injuries. Driving is easily one of the most dangerous things that an average person does on a daily basis. When another driver is negligent and causes a crash, their wrongdoing can cause great harm to everyone involved.

Fortunately, financial compensation may be possible after a successfully proven case. A qualified car accident attorney could explain the effects of common car accident injuries in Maryland and help you recover damages for those injuries.

Dealing with Car Accident Injuries

Injuries related to motor vehicle collisions can be life-changing and often present a wide variety of challenges. They can result in extremely high medical bills, lost wages, and significant pain and suffering. Often, these injuries require hospitalization and long-term medical treatment. Other accidents could even result in the death of a beloved family member.

Every car accident is different, and so is every plaintiff. It takes a skilled attorney to investigate the injuries the plaintiff suffered to prove that the defendant’s negligence ultimately caused them. If a plaintiff experienced a common car accident injury due to the defendant’s negligence, a Maryland lawyer could help.

Types of Injuries Often Sustained

Car crash injuries can vary greatly depending on the speed of the accident, the vehicles involved, and other unique circumstances of the case. The following are just a sample of the most common injuries plaintiffs suffer following an automobile collision in Maryland.

Broken Bones & Fractures

High impact collisions can lead to broken bones, fractures, or compound fractures which protrude through the skin. Months or years of rehabilitation may follow this kind of injury.

Whiplash, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Paralysis

If a car suddenly stops during a crash, the body can be thrown forward, leading to whiplash on the neck and possible injury to the spinal column. This type of impact may also cause a traumatic brain injury, a severe form of harm to the human brain that can result in a great deal of pain and other side effects.

Damage to the spine or brain may cause paralysis, either partial or total. A person who suffers paralysis in an accident will see major changes to their lifestyle and physical abilities and will also have to face expensive medical treatments.

Damage to Organs

Organ damage is a common occurrence in car accident cases, especially in more severe crashes. Organs such as the spleen, lungs, heart, and kidneys can be damaged or destroyed in the impact of a collision, either by crush injuries, the inertial forces from the crash, or punctures from foreign objects.


Burn injuries may be caused by gasoline or oil that have been spilled and ignited during the crash. A burn injury is devastating and can lead to permanent disfigurement and a lengthy, expensive recovery period.


Some accidents may also lead to the death of a plaintiff following an accident. A death of a loved one may be compensable to the surviving family members through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Let a Maryland Attorney Help You Pursue Compensation for Your Car Accident Injuries

If you or a family member have suffered one of the common car accident injuries in Maryland because of the actions of a negligent driver, you could be entitled to significant financial compensation. Contact a Maryland car accident lawyer who can examine your unique situation and determine if you have a viable case. A consultation can help you get started, so call our office today.