Doctor Reports in Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Cases

Few individuals play bigger roles than the treating doctor in a workers’ compensation case. They drive the entire process with their written medical opinions, making doctor reports in Baltimore workers’ compensation cases, absolutely crucial.

To learn more about the weight of a doctor’s report and how you could get your doctor to write a report that benefits your case, get in touch with a skilled attorney today.

What is a Report of Workability?

A report of workability is an opinion by the medical expert which states the worker’s functional abilities, how much they can handle, how much they can do, for how long, and what, if any, restrictions exist.

It is important to have this report since it would be letting both the injured worker and their employer their physical limits. In the event that their injuries requires them to switch jobs because they would not be able to make a full recovery, the report of workability may be cited for vocational rehabilitation.

Doctors Taking Part in a Workers’ Compensation Case

It is quite common for doctors in Baltimore to not want to be involved, nor provide a report, in a workers’ compensation case because it is a lot of paperwork for them. In addition, some doctors believe that workers’ compensation cases pays less than regular insurance reimburses which causes them to further avoid workers’ compensation cases, although that is not true. It could pay approximately seven or eight percent more than Medicare.

Due to the amount of paperwork on their end, doctors may try to rush through any note or report required by the victim. It is important that victims make sure to look at any documentation given to them by the doctor before they leave their office to correct any discrepancies or lack of information regarding their information. For example, if they are not able to work and their doctor has not given them a disability note, they should make sure to tell the doctor about the note in case they have forgotten.

Would a Doctor Ever Be Required to Testify in Court?

A doctor could be required to testify if the case makes it totrial on appeal from a decision by the Commission. However, the doctor is usually allowed to give their testimony through a videotaped deposition.  Doctors are rarely permitted or expected to  present themselves at a Workers’ Compensation Commission hearing because medical reports are submitted instead. The reason being is because the Commission simply does not like the idea of a doctor presenting live testimony since it lengthens the case.

Can an Attorney Help with Doctor Reports?

Absolutely, absolutely. And that’s why it’s so critical to get a lawyer involved immediately. Because most people don’t explain themselves especially well, they either don’t stress the important details or they don’t say much of anything, or that they’re not – they don’t say things with certainty. They don’t include all the necessary facts, or they just keep talking and everything’s buried in non-important information.

Victims who try to navigate through the worker’s compensation process by themselves usually make the mistake of not stressing the important details of their accident or injuries, or not saying things with certainty. They also fail to make sure that their doctor reports in Baltimore workers’ compensation cases contain all the necessary facts or include too much information that is not important to the case. However, with an attorney at your side, you would be better prepared to speak on your injuries and the extent of the treatment you require.