Meeting or Speaking with Insurance Companies During a Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Claim

Seeking benefits after a workplace accident can be difficult, especially for employees who may still be recovering from their injuries. An insurance company may deny a claim if the employee does not provide proper evidence to support their case.

If you have sustained an occupational injury, it may be in your best interest to hire a lawyer before meeting with insurance companies during a Baltimore workers’ compensation claim. A seasoned workers’ comp attorney could represent your best interests in negotiations with an insurance provider.

Insurance Companies May Demand a Meeting with the Injured Worker

Under the Maryland Code, Labor and Employment §9-101(a), workers’ compensation benefits are only available to employees who were injured while performing their job. Thus, insurance companies have the right to investigate the cause of an injury before providing benefits.

After the initial claim is filed, the insurance company will be conducting an investigation. This typically includes obtaining an official statement from the worker. Meetings (usually through recorded telephone conversations) with insurance companies are often mandatory as they need this time to determine if a person is eligible for benefits.

Insurance providers have the right to deny claims if they do not believe an employee’s injury occurred on the job. If the company does not deem the claimant’s injuries severe enough or are due to pre-existing conditions, they may also refuse to pay the worker. It can be useful to understand what might happen at a meeting with an insurance company to avoid having one’s workers’ comp claim denied.

Navigating an Insurance Meeting for a Workers’ Comp Claim in Baltimore

 Insurance companies often schedule meetings to obtain evidence about how the claimant’s injury occurred and what effect it has had on a worker’s life. These sessions are typically recorded, as the insurance company may wish to compare the employee’s current story with their original statement.

The main goal of these meetings is often to find discrepancies in a plaintiff’s case that may allow the company to refuse benefits. This is why it is important to keep all statements consistent and remain truthful.

The recordings of these meetings may also be used as evidence in hearings before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. The strength of the statements given in recorded meetings with an insurance company can have a significant impact on the Commission’s ruling in a hearing. It is best to work with a skilled local attorney who could help claimants prepare for any meetings with insurance companies.

An Attorney Could Prepare You for Meeting with Insurance Companies During a Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Claim

A successful workers’ compensation claim must demonstrate that the claimant’s injury occurred while on the job and has left them with causally-related injuries. Meeting with the insurance provider is often mandatory, but can be a good opportunity to prove a worker’s need for benefits.

Meeting with insurance companies during a Baltimore workers’ compensation claim can be intimidating. If you are not prepared to present your case, your claim could be denied. Reach out to our office today to discuss how our team could help you prepare for a meeting and improve your chance of success.