Vocational Rehabilitation in Baltimore Workers’ Comp Cases

Some work-related injuries only require receiving medical attention before the employee is able to return to work. However, serious injuries could make it difficult for injured workers to return to their regular duties. As a result, the law has provided assistance for injured workers to find different employment that accommodates their injuries. This program is known as vocational rehabilitation.

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What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational Rehabilitation is a process meant to return an injured worker to suitable gainful employment. This process begins with a functional capacity evaluation which will determine the worker’s physical abilities. There would be an interview and assessment done by a vocational counselor where they would conduct an interest assessment to determine what kind of things the person wants to do and what the person would absolutely hate to do. There may also be some sort of educational and intellectual assessment.

Although this assessment is not considered an IQ test, it does share some similarities with an IQ test since there is a form of assessment regarding a person’s abilities in English, math, and reasoning. The information gathered from this assessment would be used for targeting several possible jobs.

Who is Eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services?

An injured worker whose injuries make them incapable of resuming their pre-injury employment are typically eligible for vocational rehabilitation. This eligibility also extends to part-time employees. One caveat, undocumented workers will encounter significant difficulty in trying to obtain this service. Injured workers do not pay for this version of vocational rehabilitation.

What Steps Should the Injured Worker Take for Vocational Rehabilitation?

To gain eligibility for this program, an injured worker should seek out the opinion of their healthcare provider. This opinion must reflect that the injured worker cannot return to their pre-injury duties as a result of their work injury. Secondly, the injured victim should make sure to ask for vocational rehabilitation. If an injured worker is unsure about whether they would be eligible, they should seek the services of a Maryland workers’ comp attorney for guidance.

Why is it Important to Get in Touch with a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

When an individual is in medical treatment, their only responsibility is to follow doctor’s orders, comply with medication and treatment protocols, and strive to get healthy. But vocational rehabilitation adds another layer of responsibility, the injured worker must take jobs offered. document their job searches, and maintain contact with their vocational rehabilitation counselor. As a result, having an attorney experienced with vocational rehabilitation in Baltimore workers’ compensation cases is vital for keeping up with these responsibilities. To learn more, schedule a consultation today.