Montgomery County Slip and Fall Lawyer

People accidentally slip, fall or suffer other types of injury on another person’s property all the time.  Usually, there’s no harm done; other than to one’s pride, but other times, slip-and-falls are very serious.  Often, the extent of such accidental injuries isn’t fully known until later.  If your premises injury is the result of another person’s negligence, with the help of an experienced Montgomery County slip and fall lawyer, you can protect your compensatory rights for the injuries, pain, suffering and other losses arising from the accident.

Slip and fall accidents are common occurrences.  But injured victims probably don’t feel very common when suffering painful injuries from one.  Slip and falls can be caused by hazardous property conditions including poorly maintained or constructed balconies, stairs, walls, loose carpeting, cracked or uneven pavement, poor lighting, and obstructions such as electrical cords, improperly stored equipment; not to mention weather-related hazards such as ice or snow accumulation.

Slip and fall accidents can occur on any commercial and private property such as:

  • Someone else’s home
  • Office buildings, retail stores and shopping malls
  • Rented apartments and condominiums
  • Convenience stores and gas stations
  • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs

People who are injured in a slip and fall suffer fractures, torn ligaments and tendons, concussions, and even more tragic injuries such as brain trauma and spinal cord injuries which can not only endanger their, life but also their mobility for the rest of their years.  Some injuries are obvious the moment they occur.  But others might take time to manifest themselves.  This is why it’s so important that even if you don’t appear to be seriously hurt after a fall you seek medical attention and retain an experienced Montgomery County slip and fall lawyer at your earliest opportunity.

Defining Premises Liability

All property owners (and tenants if they have leased commercial or residential property) are required by law to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition when you visit that property either as a customer, an employee or invited guest.  This is referred to as their “legal duty.”  They must reasonably maintain their property to protect you from accidents, injuries or criminal activity while you are on their property.  Premises liability claims can arise when someone is injured from any (and more) of the following situations:

  • A broken walkway
  • Falling objects
  • Failing to erect or place barriers or signs warning of possible hazards
  • Improper (or absent) warning signs of possible hazards
  • Failure to maintain parking lots or sidewalks on their property

Anyone who is the victim of an assault or some other criminal activity while as a guest or customer might also have a premises liability claim against the property owner for violation of their legal duty, especially if victims are injured during the crime. By contacting a MoCo slip and fall lawyer and discussing the particulars of the accident and injuries sustained, you can attain a much better understanding of how to proceed with your claim.

What If The Accident Was Partially Your Fault?

Maryland continues to adhere to the doctrine of “contributory negligence.”  It is a principle of common law that if a person is injured in part because of his or her negligence, the one who is injured is not entitled to collect any monetary damages from another party who otherwise might have caused the accident. Today, only a handful of states maintain this statute, Maryland, DC, and Virginia being among them.

The defendant’s insurance company may try and bully you into accepting a low settlement for your injuries, saying you were contributing to the negligence. The court is the only one who can determine whether or not you contributed to the accident.

Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Montgomery County, MD

It is in these instances when a Montgomery County slip and fall attorney can prove extremely helpful. Personal injury lawyers with our firm understand that you may have uncertain feelings about pursuing a claim.  However, considering the strength of the opposition, it’s really your only recourse for compensatory success.  Contact us anytime to discuss your injuries and concerns in a free and confidential consultation.