Montgomery County Train Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a train-related incident in Montgomery County, Maryland, or if you have questions about seeking civil justice, it may be in your interest to contact an experienced Montgomery County train accident lawyer.

A ‘train accident’ is a broad term, and it can cover incidents involving train platform slip and falls, train-car collisions, train-train collisions, train-pedestrian collisions, and derailment. A significant amount fatal train accidents occur at railroad crossings equipped with inadequate safety devices and measures. Train incident-related injuries can also result in very complex litigation and negotiations when seeking remuneration for harms and losses suffered. Call the personal injury practice group at our law firm for more information.

Variables in Montgomery County Train Accidents

The passengers on a train, people in a vehicle who are hit by one or even pedestrians can be injured or killed in a train accident.  Many railroad crossings are improperly equipped with safety gates and lights – or might not be working properly.  This can make crossings especially dangerous to motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians when a train suddenly approaches.  But defective signals or gates at a train crossing aren’t the only dangers.  Others include:Train accident attorney in Montgomery County, MD

  • Trains that fail to sound their horns when approaching a crossing
  • Trains that fail to use their lights as they approach crossings
  • Crossings obstructed by plant overgrowth and other objects

Derailments can also cause the most widespread damage. Train derailments are almost always the result of failure to follow established safety standards but may also be caused by:

  • Faulty or improperly maintained tracks
  • Obstacles on the tracks
  • Faulty or improperly maintained equipment
  • Too much cargo weight on a car or unsecured cargo

All of the above forms of train accidents have a common theme.  Many times, whether they are  catastrophic wrecks or a slip-and-fall on an MTA platform, they are usually caused by someone’s negligence.  Poorly maintained tracks, improperly trained, tired, overworked operators can be the cause of serious train accidents. A MoCo train accident lawyer understands how to investigate such accidents and can help you to gather evidence valuable to your case.

Train-related accidents are incredibly destructive.  The collision of a car and a train  is comparable to a bug on a windshield.  All forms of train accidents be they truck/train, train/car, derailments, or pedestrian/train accidents can potentially cause injured victims to suffer limb amputations, severe head or spine injuries and other permanent disabilities.  When these behemoths run out of control with not much to slow them down aside from time and distance, horrible deaths are the consequence.

Contact a Train Accident Attorney Today

Train accident lawsuits are complicated, and may be subject to different federal and state laws, especially if you were injured by a municipally-operated MTA or Amtrak train.  Schedule a free consultation with one of our Montgomery County train accident attorneys.

If you have been injured by the fault of another, be it an employee or agent of an MTA, AMTRAK or freight train you have  legal rights. The first step is to hire an attorney before speaking with an MTA or Amtrak representative.

At your no cost evaluation, a MoCo train accident lawyer will analyze the facts of your case.  We can investigate the accident and fight on your behalf.