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Call a Montgomery county Metro accident lawyer if you have sustained a preventable injury on any of the region’s metro trains or bus lines.  The legal team at our personal injury law firm is standing by to conduct your free initial consultation.

The proximity of Montgomery County to Washington, DC and Baltimore greatly increases the number of commuters heading to those two cities. The Metrobus and Metrorail systems offer convenient and usually safe alternatives to the heavy traffic in the area. Despite the usual vigilance of experienced operators, accidents are bound to happen, and it is important to have representation against the well-funded and tested Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (the Metro). The MoCo personal injury attorneys at our firm are prepared to listen to your side of the story and help you to evaluate your options for filing an injury claim.

Trip and Fall Injuries on the Metro

The majority of the customer injuries reported by the Metro were related to slips, trips, and falls, representing 80% of the customer injuries in December alone. This type of accident is usually blamed on negligence on the part of Metro. Your MoCo Metro accident attorney can help you determine if the Metro was at fault and that the accident may have been preventable. Injuries resulting from this kind of accident can create long lasting problems related to spinal injuries or broken bones. Sometimes, injuries do not show up right away. It is important to see a doctor immediately if you have been in a Metro accident, and report any injuries even minor ones. Neck, back, leg and spinal injuries can cause serious pain, and you should tell your doctor if you believe you have been injured. Months later, when the pain is more serious it might be too late for your doctor to causally relate your injuries to the accident and seek a legal claim against Metro.

It is important to have medical documentation to help support your case which must be filed within the statute of limitations for personal injuries in MoCo, usually three years from the time of the accident.

To establish a liability claim, it is important for you to document the accident scene with photos, notes, witnesses (if any), diagrams and to report the accident to the authorities and Metro right away. Memories fade, witnesses disappear. It is imperative to determine, with as much detail as possible, what caused the accident.

Collision Related Injuries

The second most reported injury to the Metro involved collision related injuries. Many of these collisions occurred when buses were stopped and were hit from behind by another vehicle. The absence of restraining belts in buses can allow for injuries in the spinal areas of accident victims. As with many spinal injuries, the effects of the injury may not be apparent until time has passed. Again, a physician’s documentation will be important in establishing a case against the Metro. Your Montgomery County Metro accident attorney will help you determine if Metro is responsible for any damages.

Other Sources of Metro Accidents

Slips, trips, and falls make up the majority of the accidents related to Metro travel, but there are also problems that can arise from being struck by or striking the Metrobus or Metrorail and also being caught in the doors of those vehicles. Your Montgomery County Metro accident lawyer can make sure you are protected and have proper representation in these kinds of situations. If your attorney determines Metro is responsible for any injuries, he or she will be by your side.

Everyone has the right to a safe commute on the Metro. When the Metro fails to ensure your safety, it is important to have a MoCo Metro accident lawyer to represent you.

About the Metro

The Metro includes the lines that make up the routes for the Metrobus and the Metrorail and services about five million commuters. The Metrobus served more than 130 million unlinked trips in 2013, which includes service to almost 100 different lines throughout Montgomery County. The Metrorail served over 200 million linked trips in 2013, which includes about 12 stops in MoCo. According to a report issued by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority for fiscal year 2013, there were 1.92 customer injuries per million passengers, higher than Metro targeted amount of 1.8 per million passengers. Included in that number, there were 2.48 customer injuries per million bus passengers and .10 customer injuries per million rail customers. Employee injuries numbered 4.81 per 200,000 work hours. There were more than  2,000 crimes reported, the majority of them being related to larceny or robbery.

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Metro accidents can be severe, impacting the lives and well-being of many passengers and their families.  If you or someone you know have suffered due to a preventable accident, then you should speak with a Montgomery County metro accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn how you should proceed with your injury claim.  Our attorneys are standing by to assist you.