Montgomery County Child Injury Lawyer

All of us take multiple steps and go to great lengths to protect our children. Despite this, injuries do happen that cannot be prevented.

Children are even placed into unique circumstances for harm that do not affect adults. Any negligent or intentional harm to children that can be traced to the actions of others can be the basis for a personal injury lawsuit.

Montgomery County child injury lawyers work with the families of injured children to obtain compensation to pay for medical bills and to aid in recovery. A capable Montgomery County personal injury attorney could advocate for a person and their child.

How Can Children Become Injured?

Our children are exposed to all of the same hazards that we experience every day. Every trip in a car, visit to a grocery store, or even walk down the street is an opportunity to be injured in a crash. If the defendants’ behavior places kids into danger, they can be held civilly liable.

Primary examples of these include:


In any of these cases, the plaintiff needs to demonstrate that the defendant owed their child a duty to care for their wellbeing and actions taken by the defendant breached this duty. As a result, the child was injured. This framework is known as the legal concept of negligence and it is the cause of action to pursue for injuries sustained due to that negligence.

But children can also be injured due to the intentional acts of others. While the defendant in these circumstances will almost certainly be facing criminal charges, even if the defendant is convicted the court cannot order payment to be sent to the injured child. To accomplish this, a separate but related civil case must be initiated by the child’s family. A Montgomery County child injury lawyer could help MoCo families pursue the at-fault parties for compensation.

Ways That Children May Be Injured

Children are involved in social situations that adults simply do not participate in. The main one involves going to school. From the second that the child gets on a school bus in the morning to the second that this bus drops them off in the afternoon, the school has a responsibility to care for their wellbeing.

If the child is injured as a result of an action taken by a staff or faculty member, or even slips and falls on the playground, the school district may be liable.

Cases against government entities such as schools can be more complex and involve specific filing and evidence requirements. Still, a Montgomery County child injury attorney could work to hold schools responsible for what happens on their property.

Montgomery County Child Injury Lawyers Protect Maryland Families

It is a heartbreaking time for a family whenever a child is injured. A child may be suffering from severe physical injuries but may also be forced to endure mental anguish and can struggle at school.

All of these injuries are compensable when they can be traced to the negligence or criminal acts of others. A Montgomery County child injury lawyer could understand the impact that these incidents have on families.

Attorneys work within Maryland law to hold responsible parties civilly liable for their actions and strive to bring peace and comfort to families. A claim must be started no more than three years from the date of injury so do not hesitate; contact a lawyer today.