Maryland ER Malpractice Attorney

When someone goes into the Emergency Room of a hospital, they are to be taken care of by medical professionals. There may be a lot going on within the ER and it’s possible for a lot of things to go wrong. Medical records may be switched, wrong medications can be administered and errors can occur. If a patient has received anything less than the proper care, there may be a legal suit that can help with the proper compensation. In such a case, that patient should contact a Maryland ER malpractice lawyer.

If someone visited the ER and didn’t receive the right care, they may be eligible for compensation. A medical malpractice lawyer will be able to review the case and determine if action should be taken or not. There are a lot of laws involving malpractice within the state of Maryland and they all have to be navigated carefully to ensure the victim is receiving the proper care throughout the entire proceedings. To learn more about medical malpractice claims in Maryland generally.

Medical Licenses

All individuals in the Emergency Room who are doctors should be licensed by the Board of Medicine within the state. Anyone who has not been given a license to practice within the state should not be allowed to practice at the hospital. If there was anyone involved in the treatment of a patient who is in violation of this statute, there may be cause to file a medical malpractice suit.

Limiting Liability in Medical Malpractice Claims

When a malpractice claim is filed, there are certain people who must be notified and who are not to be held responsible. There is no liability on the part of the insurer or the Board of Physicians or the licensing board for the ER doctor who is named in the malpractice suit. This means that the only person who can be named in the medical malpractice suit is the doctor alone and not the medical board that was responsible for issuing the license. The hospital itself, however, may be named in the malpractice suit if they were cognizant of some of the issues that led to the patient’s lack of medical treatment – or wrongful medical treatment.  For more information on limiting liability, contact a Maryland ER medical malpractice lawyer.

Maryland Medical Malpractice Laws

Under Section 2-605, the offers of judgment for health care malpractice claims are covered. It is to note that the party handling the med mal claim may also serve on the adverse party and provide an offer of judgment.

There are a number of different laws that surround medical malpractice and it can all be very time consuming. Maryland lawyers needs to act quickly because of the time constraints provided on medical malpractice suits. A person is not allowed to file whenever they wish – there is a limited amount of time that is allowed to file a claim, usually 60 days, but it can be adjusted based upon other situations, such as the death of a patient.

A Maryland ER malpractice lawyer will know how to navigate through all of these laws in order to build the right case for the victim and to get the desired amount of compensation.

Due to the nature of an Emergency Room, a full investigation may need to be opened up. This will be necessary to determine who was working that night and who came into contact with the patient at one point or another. A full chronological list of events will need to be established to determine who had access to charts, who authorized certain tests and medications and who performed any kind of procedures or surgeries on the patients.

There may be a number of expert witnesses to be called for the case as well as various testimonials from others who were in the Emergency Room on the day that the event took place.

Choosing a Maryland ER Malpractice Attorney

Choosing the right lawyer is critical. Every patient who has suffered in one way or another inside of an Emergency Room has the right to speak up and to get the compensation owed because of a loss of work, a loss of capacities or a significant amount of medical bills.

A consultation can be scheduled with one of our Maryland ER malpractice lawyers to have the case reviewed. Upon choosing a lawyer, the case will be built to establish who is at fault. Call today for a free consultation.