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Due to advances in medicine and technology, cervical cancer is one of the easiest types of cancer to detect and treat. This is perhaps why it is so difficult to understand when a physician misdiagnoses or fails to treat cervical cancer properly.

If a patient has cervical cancer that is not detected and appropriately treated, cancer can spread, grow, and cause other serious health concerns. If you or a loved one are a victim of a cervical cancer misdiagnosis or another medical malpractice occurrence, you could benefit from learning more about your legal options with the help of a dedicated malpractice attorney. An established Maryland cervical cancer medical malpractice lawyer can be a valuable resource for anyone who is harmed by their physician.

Types of Medical Malpractice

The most common cause of medical malpractice in cervical cancer cases is misdiagnosis. Doctors may negligently fail to ask or read about a history of cervical or other female cancers within the family. They may fail to perform a PAP smear correctly or fail to perform one at all.

If the patient has a PAP smear that is indicative of cancer, they may order the wrong treatment. The misreading of PAP smear results can also lead to a misdiagnosis or wrong treatment, risking the life of the patient.

An experienced cervical cancer medical malpractice lawyer in Maryland could help determine how the malpractice occurred and seek compensation for the victim.

Filing Deadline for Cervical Cancer Medical Malpractice Cases

For victims who wish to pursue their legal options, the Maryland medical malpractice statute of limitations allows for up to five years to file a claim. Specifics of this statute are found in Maryland Courts & Judicial Proceedings Code §5-109.

The clock starts running from the date the malpractice occurred or from the discovery date of the injury, or whichever comes first. For plaintiffs using the date of discovery, the statute of limitations is three years instead of five.

Also, with the discovery rule, plaintiffs have the burden of proving that they did not discover or could not have reasonably discovered the medical error committed against them no more than three years before the filing. A skilled cervical cancer medical malpractice attorney in Maryland could file the case within the mandatory deadline.

Certificate of Qualified Expert Mandate

A certificate of a qualified expert must be filed no later than 90 days after a cervical cancer medical malpractice lawsuit is filed. Maryland Courts & Judicial Proceedings Code §3-2C-02 reveals that this requirement is to be done in conjunction with a medical professional licensed in the state who is also knowledgeable in the standard of care in the same field of medicine as the defendant in the case.

The medical expert must swear under oath that they have reviewed the details of the case and believe that the defendant strayed from the accepted standard of care, thus leading to the injuries of the plaintiff.

Failing to file this certificate will most likely cause the court to refuse to hear the case. However, in some cases, by requesting and showing good cause, the plaintiff may ask and receive a waiver of the certificate requirement from the presiding judge.

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Becoming a victim of a cervical cancer doctor who is negligent is devastating. Your quality of life or even your life may be put at risk due to their failure to adhere to commonly accepted medical standards.

A qualified Maryland cervical cancer medical malpractice lawyer could help you through this difficult time of your life. Call today to get your case started.

Maryland Cervical Cancer Medical Malpractice Lawyer