Prince George’s County Solicitation Lawyer

Being accused of offering to pay, or actually paying, for sexual services from another person can be a delicate matter to deal with in personal, professional, and legal terms. A conviction for this offense will stay on your record and potentially impact your future career hopes. Allegations that you sought sexual services from a minor will generally be prosecuted as felonies punishable by time in state prison, steep fines, and other life-altering sanctions.

Dealing with an accusation like this could be much easier with support from a Prince George’s County solicitation lawyer. No matter how you ended up in this situation or what long-term consequences you might be facing, your experienced defense attorney could provide diligent and dependable support throughout the entire legal process.

How State Law Defines Solicitation

Maryland Code, Criminal Law § 11-306 prohibits anyone in Maryland from knowingly procuring or soliciting prostitution or assignation, or offering to do either for someone else. According to the definitions laid out in MD Code, CL § 11-301, “prostitution” refers to any sexual act, contact, or intercourse performed in exchange for something of value; and “assignation” means making an appointment in advance to engage in prostitution or doing anything “in furtherance of” such a situation.

Typically, solicitation is considered a misdemeanor offense in Maryland. This means that the maximum penalties associated with a conviction would be a one-year term in jail and a $500 fine, with jail time being fairly rare in practice and generally with no expectation that the defendant will register as a sex offender.

Conversely, soliciting sexual services of any kind from a minor is considered a felony under MD Code, CL § 3-324, under which a first-time conviction is punishable at most by 10 years of imprisonment and a $25,000 fine. Second and subsequent convictions have double those maximum penalties. Furthermore, as a Prince George’s County solicitation attorney could further explain, a conviction of solicitation of a minor may result in the court ordering the defendant to register as a Tier II sex offender.

Contesting Solicitation Charges in Prince George’s County

It is worth reiterating that there does not actually have to be any sexual service performed or even any exchange of money for someone to be convicted of solicitation. The attempt alone is generally enough to meet the criteria set out by state law for this offense. Accordingly, many effective defense strategies against solicitation charges center around proving that there was never any offer of money as payment for sexual services.

Alternatively, if a defendant was arrested as part of a law enforcement sting operation, it is sometimes possible for them to contest their charges on the grounds that they were “entrapped” into doing something illegal which they would not have done without unlawful police interference or pressure. Support from a solicitation defense lawyer in Prince George’s County can be especially crucial to fighting these charges.

Seek Help from a Prince George’s County Solicitation Attorney

Misdemeanor or not, solicitation is a serious criminal offense that can have negative effects on your life if not handled in an effective way. Your chances of ending up with that kind of negative case outcome will be much greater if you try to represent yourself in court or depend on an overworked public defender to look out for your best interests.

Instead, you should prioritize speaking with a knowledgeable Prince George’s County solicitation lawyer about the best approach to your unique situation. Call today for a consultation.