Meet Oleg Fastovsky

Maryland criminal defense attorney Oleg Fastovsky focuses his practice on criminal defense and offers extensive experience in protecting people who have been accused of drunk driving, drug crimes, theft, robbery, assault, burglary, violations of probation/parole and other minor offenses. He is also a respected attorney in the defense of more serious charges, such as white-collar crimes, fraud, murder, sex offenses and federal crimes. Oleg accepts clients in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas, as well as the shores and rural counties of Maryland.

Overall, Oleg wants to provide comfort for defendants and their families while fighting for their case. Oleg takes the time to learn each client’s unique story and figure out how to help navigate life during an uncertain time. In doing so, he aims to build the best defense possible and explains the potential legal process in understandable terms.