Prince George’s County Student Defense Lawyer

Many young people look forward to the fun and adventure of going to university. It is a chance to learn and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Unfortunately, sometimes students end up in trouble with the college disciplinary committees or the police. When that happens, the student’s future may be at risk. The scholar might be concerned about possible jail time, expulsion or other school-related penalties.

If you are a student or you know a student facing a dilemma, you may want to sit down with an attorney to learn about the possible outcomes. The student may need a two-tier defense. There may be criminal matters and school disciplinary board matters that must be dealt with separately.

A Prince George’s County student defense lawyer may be an invaluable tool in discovering more about the process and potential strategies of defense which may lead to more positive outcomes.

Criminal and School Board Defense

If a student is accused of breaking the law, that student may face criminal penalties, such as probation, jail time and fines. However, a student may also be subject to disciplinary actions by the student’s educational facility. Most schools will sanction students who commit a crime.

This means the student may be kicked out of university, lose scholarships or not be allowed to walk to graduation. Because of this, a student may require an attorney who understands how to deal with both problems since both could drastically affect the student’s future.

Common Crimes Committed by Students in Prince George’s County

Though of course a student could be accused of committing any criminal act, police often accuse students of the following:

Even if the court does not sentence a student to go to jail, the student may have to perform community service or be on probation. A school board may use the evidence of a conviction as proof for a school disciplinary action that the student was guilty.

School Disciplinary Board

There are actions a student may be suspected of which are not criminal, but which can also result in punishment from a student disciplinary board. These include plagiarism, cheating or some other violation of the code of ethics students may have sworn when admitted to the educational facility.

Typically the school board will hold a hearing in which evidence is presented, and a student is allowed to defend him or herself. The scholar should work hard to ensure a finding of innocence so that the student’s scholarships, academic career, or housing situation is not affected. If the student is allowed to bring a lawyer to that hearing, it may be in the student’s best interest to do so.

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Once you are aware that accusations may be coming your way, you may want to take action quickly. It may be devastating to miss out on the opportunity to graduate on time or even at all from the university of your choosing. A finding of guilt may prohibit you from attending master degree programs, and you may not be able to pursue the career of your dreams.

Do not take any risk. Speak with a Prince George’s County student defense lawyer to hear about what you can expect and your best options in protecting yourself and your future. No matter what happened, you may need help. Call today.