Expert Witnesses In Prince George’s County Car Accident Cases

Oftentimes, expert witnesses are called to the stand to help prove a pivotal point in the case. Such a highly valued opinion can weigh heavily on both the minds of the judge and the jury, and can help shape the outcome of a case. Expert witnesses in a Prince George’s County car accident case are most times invaluable, and having an attorney who can help establish any and all experts needed for trial is essential.

Defining an Expert Witness

An expert witness is a witness who is accepted by the court as an expert in a particular field based upon his or her knowledge, training and experience. The main factor of an expert witness in a car accident case is that he or she can express an opinion so long as the opinion is within his or her area of expertise, and is based upon the proper foundation. In just about every case, expert medical testimony is required in order to present the necessary evidence as to the nature and extent of injuries sustained by the plaintiff, as well as the fair and reasonable customary charges for the medical treatment.

There is no minimum requirement of experience needed in order to become an expert witness. Typically, a person becomes an expert witness through his or her knowledge, training, and experience in a particular area of study or field of practice. Further, an expert medical witness is never on trial. A treating physician can serve as an expert witness at trial on behalf of the injured person.

Role in Trial

In Prince George’s County Circuit Court, it is required by the court’s rule to present expert medical testimony in order to fully document the nature and extent of the injuries sustained by the plaintiff, as well as the fair and reasonable customary charges of medical bills incurred. Therefore, all cases presented to a jury in Prince George’s County Circuit Court will require expert medical testimony.

Expert testimonies should be afforded the same weight by the jury as any other witness. However, the amount of weight actually afforded to a witness is entirely up to a jury. The amount of weight a jury places on expert testimony can vary from case-to-case depending upon the nature of the testimony, the facts and circumstance of the case, as well as any other factors that are unique to that individual case.

Use of An Expert

People should understand that in most, if not all PG County car accident cases, the defense will also utilize an expert witness who will almost definitely present a counterpoint to the plaintiff’s expert testimony.

Oftentimes, a plaintiff will present expert medical testimony through his or her treating physician, that will essentially say that all of the medical treatment rendered was fair, was causally related to the motor vehicle collision, and that the charges incurred are fair, reasonable and customary of the geographic area.

In the same case, the defense will present expert medical testimony from a retained physician who will likely opine that the plaintiff is not injured to the extent alleged. They can also help to allege that a certain portion, if not all of the medical treatment, was not related to the motor vehicle accident. Sometimes, the expert will go so far as to say that the charges are inflated, or above those that are usual and customary for the geographic area. A plaintiff – or each person – should understand that no matter how firmly he or she believes in the case, the defense will undoubtedly present an equally strong expert witness to testify and to refute the opinions offered by the plaintiff’s treating medical physician.

Benefits of an Expert Witness

The benefits of expert medical testimony in a Prince George’s County car accident case can mean that the plaintiff will have to comply with the facts and circumstance of the case, as well as any other factors that are unique to that expert’s opinion on the individual. The manner of interaction between the injured person and the expert will also be factors considered by the jury in rendering its decision.

Oftentimes, a plaintiff has little choice as to whether he or she wants to have an expert witness in the case. The use of an expert witness will depend on the facts and circumstances of the case. The attorney will make recommendations that are required in order to fulfill the plaintiff’s burden of proof.