Texting While Driving Car Accidents in Prince George’s County

In addition to following traffic laws and reacting reasonably to any hazards they encounter, drivers on public Maryland roads have a duty to keep their focus entirely on driving while in motion. Unfortunately, the popularity of electronic devices in modern society has led to an increased number of drivers being distracted by their phones. This is not only extremely dangerous but illegal as well.

Texting while driving car accidents in Prince George’s County can serve as a basis for personal injury litigation. Guidance from a seasoned car crash attorney could make a big difference in how effectively and efficiently you obtain the compensation you need.

Texting While Driving as a Traffic Offense

Texting while driving car accidents in Prince George’s County can have catastrophic consequences. To help limit the risk of these events occurring, Maryland Code, Transportation § 21-1124.1, sets strict rules on phone usage. It states that a person operating a motor vehicle within the traveling portion of any roadway may not write, read, or send text messages through any electronic communications device. This is regardless of whether it is handheld or mounted on something inside the car. The only exceptions to this law are for people using a GPS and those using a device with text messaging capabilities to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Additionally, MD Code, Trans. § 21-1124 prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from using any “wireless communications device” for any purpose while operating an automobile. This blanket prohibition also applies to adults with provisional driver’s licenses or learner’s permits and individuals driving school buses or any vehicle serving a similar purpose while carrying passengers.

Texting Behind the Wheel as Legally Actionable Negligence

Anyone who violates either of the two laws mentioned above prior to being involved in a car crash could be held liable for the incident’s consequences based on their “negligence.” This is because a violation of state law may constitute a “breach” of the duty all drivers have to act carefully and lawfully behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, proving that someone involved in a Prince George’s County auto accident was texting while driving can be difficult, especially if there is no police report citing the driver for violating the state’s traffic laws. A skilled attorney could help build a strong case around alternative evidence like witness testimony, subpoenaed cell phone records, surveillance or dashboard camera footage, and assistance from accident reconstruction experts.

A Prince George’s County Attorney Could Help Take Action After a Texting While Driving Car Accident

Automobiles can cause immense harm if not operated safely, and focusing on a text message instead of the road ahead is a textbook example of unsafe driving. If someone else injured you in a wreck by acting this way, taking legal action against them may be key to protecting your best interests now and well into the future.

Texting while driving car accidents in Prince George’s County can be much easier to handle with seasoned legal representation on your side. Call today for a consultation.