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Arbitration is a common way for companies to limit their liability in case of a legal disputes with a customer, vendor, or employee. Maryland law states that a clause mandating arbitration are generally enforceable and irrevocable once agreed to or signed.

However, the fact that a dispute will go through arbitration does not change an individual’s rights concerning the dispute at large. Arbitration may actually serve as an effective way to demand relief without the strain of a costly or public trial. Effective arbitration practice could grant relief in a concise and thorough manner. A Maryland business arbitration lawyer may be able to help parties to navigate the arbitration system, even when it is mandated.

When Could a Party Insist on Arbitration to Settle a Dispute?

More and more, companies are inserting mandatory arbitration clauses into their contracts. These could apply to purchase and sale agreements, employment contracts, leases for property, or even attorney engagement agreements. These clauses require the two parties to submit to binding arbitration as a substitute for having a full trial in court.

Maryland law specifically allows for these clauses in almost every circumstance. According to the Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings, §3-206, binding arbitration clauses in contracts are legal, and, indeed, preferred. The only exception to this rule is when the clause violates public policy or other established rules that govern the legality of contracts. Simply put, disputing the enforceability of an arbitration clause is extremely difficult. A local business arbitration lawyer could help explain the causes and effects of arbitration clauses on disputes between parties.

Working to Help Parties to Navigate the Arbitration Process

Just because a party is required to participate in arbitration as the result of a contract does not mean that they surrender their ability to demand a remedy. An arbitration session is basically a shortened and simplified trial. A neutral arbitrator could serve as a decider of fact and ultimately rules on the matter. Both parties have an opportunity to present evidence, call witnesses, and make arguments.

Arbitrations are, essentially, mini-trials.  It is essential for parties to be prepared to make coherent arguments in arbitration sessions. This may require intensive research into similar cases in the past, gathering evidence, and preparing witnesses for testimony. Of course, an arbitration session is also an opportunity for parties to continue settlement talks. A Maryland business arbitration attorney could help to take the lead in arbitration sessions and protect a party’s legal rights.

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Arbitration has become a popular way for companies to limit the financial impact of legal disputes and reduce publicity. Regardless of whether the event in question involves a breach of contract, a product liability claim, or a dispute between partners in a company, arbitration could be an efficient way to reach a resolution.

Maryland law specifically states that clauses in contracts requiring parties to participate in binding arbitration sessions are legal. Only if such as clause violates public policy or otherwise runs afoul of contract law would a court strike the provision. A Maryland business arbitration lawyer could help you take the lead in binding arbitration sessions. Contact a dedicated lawyer today to discuss your case.

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