Maryland Commercial Litigation Lawyer

The business world is complex and often difficult to navigate. To manage business, companies and businesses regularly rely on a tangled web of contracts, relationships, and customer interactions, all of which carry legal ramifications and the possibility of exposure and liability. Similarly, the law affords customers and consumers rights. They can demand that a company provide a service as required under contract, correct or repair a defective product, or take steps to fulfill a fiduciary duty. Suits involving these issues can lead to financial problems and reputational harm. If a party fails to fulfill their obligations under the law, it could lead to action in Maryland’s civil courts.

When it becomes necessary to take a dispute to court, a Maryland commercial litigation lawyer may be able to help. Litigation attorneys help people and businesses protect their legal rights and make strong arguments before judges and juries that resolve disputes and generate favorable results for clients.

What Does it Mean to Enter into Litigation?

When most people imagine litigation, they envision a trial or an argument occurring in open court. While most cases have some arguments before the Court, trials rarely occur.

Most litigation take place behind the scenes, outside of the courtroom. From the very beginning of an engagement, a Maryland commercial litigation attorney works to evaluate the parties’ positions, researches relevant laws, and prepares documents, all to build a case from a position of strength.

Even if the parties cannot resolve their dispute and reach an agreement before a case is filed, and a plaintiff files a complaint in court, the case may resolve before trial. The court will hold a series of pre-trial hearings to answer key questions concerning the real issues in dispute, the applicable law and the admissibility of material evidence. Depending on what the attorney says and writes, these hearings may convince a court to dismiss a claim or encourage a settlement. A Maryland commercial litigation lawyer can provide valuable assistance at each step of the process.

What Types of Commercial Disputes May End with Litigation?

Commercial disputes are legal disputes resulting from the business interactions of people and corporations.  Perhaps the most common examples of commercial disputes are breaches of contracts. In a contract, one party agrees to supply a good or service in exchange for a sum of money or different services. Whether the terms of the contract are expressed in writing or not, the law requires the parties to fulfill their ends of the bargain.

Maryland civil courts regularly hear complaints that allege breach of contract as long as the plaintiff files within three years of the alleged breach under Maryland Court and Judicial Proceedings Code §5-101. There is also a provision that allows for the statute of limitations to be extended to 12 years if the contract is under seal or a “specialty,” which is a technical term for a certain type of contract.

Breaches of contract are just one example of commercial litigation. Other possibilities include:

  • Breaches of warranty
  • Violations of fiduciary duty
  • Slander and defamation
  • Title disputes
  • Corporate governance disputes
  • Shareholder/derivative claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • Corporate or partnership dissolution
  • Civil fraud
  • Violations of consumer protection laws

A Maryland commercial litigation lawyer could provide valuable legal analysis of a party’s situation and help develop a sound legal strategy moving forward.

A Maryland Commercial Litigation Attorney May be Able to Help

Statutes and court rulings combine to place obligations on individuals and companies involved in commercial transactions. The obligations can include requirements to fulfill a contract, perform a fiduciary duty, or follow consumer protection laws. The failure to follow these laws can lead to commercial litigation. While this does not guarantee a full trial, the litigation process is complex, and the outcome can significantly affect your financial future and well-being.

A Maryland commercial litigation attorney could help protect your interests, assets, and reputation during a commercial dispute. An attorney can research the relevant areas of the law, marshal evidence, and fight for your rights at every step. Call today for a consultation.