Fatigued Truck Drivers in Prince George’s County Accidents

Everyone knows that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol can be extremely dangerous to you and to everyone else on the road. What you might not know is that driving while extremely tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk, especially if the vehicle is a large tractor-trailer carrying multiple tons of cargo.

Identifying fatigued truck drivers in Prince George’s County accidents can be more complicated than you might think, as driving while tired is not policed the same way as drunk driving since there is no way to chemically test how sleep-deprived someone is. That said, it is possible in many situations to prove someone specifically at fault for this sort of wreck and demand financial restitution from them for your damages. Reach out to Price Benowitz today to begin working with a seasoned truck accident attorney.

Is Driving While Tired Against the Law?

Driving while fatigued is not illegal in the US, although driving drowsy is prohibited for drivers in commercial tractor-trailers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has put limitations on how long semi-truck drivers transporting cargo can stay on the road within certain periods. Current regulations state that a trucker cannot drive for more than 11 hours in a single day and cannot stay on shift for more than 14 hours a day, as they must have at least 10 hours off-duty between each driving shift.

Additionally, truckers must take at least one 30-minute break if they spend eight consecutive hours on the road, and they cannot spend more than 60 hours on duty within seven days or more than 70 hours on duty within eight consecutive days. Any trucker who violates these rules or company that forces their employees to violate them may face sanctions from the FMCSA and may be found civilly liable for any crash that happens in Prince George’s County because of a fatigued truck driver.

Establishing Fault for a Crash Caused by a Fatigued Truck Driver

It is not strictly necessary to prove that a truck driver was too tired to drive safely to hold them or their employer liable for a wreck. For example, if a fatigued driver nods off at the wheel and ends up sideswiping a car in the lane next to them on a highway, the fact that they unlawfully failed to maintain their lane would be just as “negligent” for the purposes of civil litigation as driving while overly tired would be.

However, if it does become necessary to prove that a truck driver’s fatigue was the main reason for an accident in Prince George’s County, assistance from legal counsel can be especially crucial to getting a positive case result. Trucking companies that make their drivers stay on the road too long generally know they are breaking the law, so they will try to hide this fact by falsifying driving time records to avoid legal trouble.

Talk to a Prince George’s County Attorney About a Possible Fatigued Truck Driver Accident Case

Driving a tractor-trailer while tired is very dangerous and unfortunately, is all too common among truckers traveling through Maryland. If a fatigued truck driver caused your Prince George’s County accident, proving them or their employer at fault for your losses may be a time-consuming and very complicated process.

Fortunately, you can have help available from experienced legal professionals who know how to fight and win on behalf of people much like you. Call Price Benowitz today to set up a consultation.