Drunk Driving Truck Accidents in Prince George’s County

Commercial truckers transport everything from food to automobiles across the country every day and are generally perceived as hardworking and professional. But that perception would change if one of them was driving under the influence and caused a major accident.

A truck accident could result in catastrophic injuries and even deaths. When you are injured in one, you might wonder how you will afford medical and vehicle expenses. A Prince George County truck crash lawyer could help you reclaim your medical expenses, property damage, and any loss of income during recovery. Contact one of our experienced attorneys today to learn more about recovering damages from drunk driving truck accidents in Prince George’s County.

Alcohol Legal Limits

Most states, including Maryland, set a legal limit of 0.08 percent for blood alcohol content (BAC) in adults. However, under federal and state law, anyone with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is considered drunk if the BAC test registers 0.04 or above.

Truck drivers are tested for drugs and alcohol randomly and definitely at the scene of an accident if telltale signs are evident. Law enforcement could test when a truck driver smells of alcohol, is slurring words, is unsteady, or has bloodshot eyes. Truck drivers face stiff penalties after drinking and causing an accident. These penalties include:

  • Fines
  • Criminal charges with jail time
  • Commercial driver’s license suspension
  • Being fired by the trucking company employer
  • Personal injury lawsuits against the trucker and employer

When a person is involved in any drunk-driving truck accident in Prince George’s County, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could help gather evidence to hold the reckless trucker liable.

Securing Compensation Available After an Impaired Driving Wreck

The size and weight of commercial trucks can inflict severe injuries on other drivers and passengers, which are expensive to treat. Multiple broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, internal damage, and limb loss are common. When filing an injury lawsuit, the jury will want to know the extent of a plaintiff’s injuries, including psychological harm, to help determine compensation. However, an attorney must first prove the truck driver was negligent to reach that phase of the trial.

In Prince George’s County, a successful drunk-driving truck crash suit requires proof of negligence. This is done by establishing duty, breach, causation, and damage. The impaired truck driver demonstrates this when they breach their duty to drive safely to protect others sharing the highway and causes an accident that injures the plaintiff.

The state allows plaintiffs to establish the elements of duty and breach using the doctrine of negligence per se. The defendant must break the law, which a drunk trucker has done. The law against drunk driving is meant to protect others on the road, and the injured plaintiff must belong to that class.

Consult an Experienced Prince George’s County Attorney After a Drunk Driving Truck Crash

When driving, you cannot avoid highways filled with other cars and commercial trucks. Unfortunately, many drivers, including truckers, make the reckless decision to drink and drive.

When you are injured after drunk driving truck accidents in Prince George’s County, we could help fight for the proper compensation to cover your paycheck, medical bills, and any potential psychological damage, disfigurement, and suffering. Call one of our trusted lawyers today to set up a consultation and discuss your case.