Texting and Driving Truck Accidents in Prince George’s County

Tractor trailers and other commercial trucks are the largest vehicles on the road. When a trucker hits another vehicle, the damage can be severe or even fatal. A truck accident can permanently alter a person’s life, leading to serious injuries, expensive medical bills, and property damage to their vehicle.

Truck drivers are more likely to cause an accident when texting and driving, and these crashes are entirely avoidable. When you are injured in a commercial truck collision, you could have a valid civil claim against the texting truck driver and their employer. With the help of a skilled truck crash attorney, you could seek compensation for the injuries and other losses you experienced in a texting and driving truck accident in Prince George’s County. Get in touch with Price Benowitz to learn more.

Texting and Driving Truck Crashes

Distractions like cell phones impair a driver’s reaction time and reduce their focus. In fact, one of the most frequent causes of commercial truck accidents in Maryland is texting and driving. Some commercial truckers avoid using their cell phones at the wheel by wearing headsets or other Bluetooth devices when driving.

It is dangerous for any driver to text and drive, but when commercial truckers take their eyes off the road, they can cause a devastating crash with catastrophic injuries. Texting and driving increases the chance of collision, and not all truck drivers who pass through Prince George’s County avoid the temptation to check their devices. To hold texting truck drivers accountable for the destruction they cause, team up with a personal injury attorney. Compensation may be available through an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Truck Collision Lawsuits

After sustaining injuries in an accident with a commercial truck, it is beneficial to speak with an attorney regarding legal options. An injury attorney can help by:

  • Investigating the cause of the crash and determining liability
  • Gathering evidence to support an allegation of texting while driving
  • Calculating estimated losses, including economic and non-economic damages
  • Filing a lawsuit on behalf of truck accident survivors and negotiating to secure fair compensation

The amount of compensation in truck accident cases depends on the nature of the injuries and the cause of the crash. People who get hurt in truck accidents can recover the cost of their medical care, lost income, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and other related losses. Be sure to consult an attorney in Prince George’s County to file a lawsuit against any driver responsible for a texting and driving truck accident.

Complications in Truck Accident Cases

Liability is often disputed in truck crash claims. In many cases we handle in Prince George’s County, truckers are considered personally liable when they cause an accident because they were texting and driving. There are some instances where their employer could also bear responsibility. For example, if the driver’s careless acts were within the scope of their employment, the truck company could be liable under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior. Similarly, if the driver has a history of negligent driving or accidents, their employer could be liable for negligent hiring.

Another issue that arises in truck accident cases is when the truck company claims the driver was an independent contractor. When a trucker is hired as an independent contractor, the truck company could avoid liability by arguing they did not have control over the driver’s actions. Even when the truck company disputes liability for their trucker’s actions, an experienced attorney could help prove the accident occurred during the scope of the trucker’s employment or could collect evidence to demonstrate a pattern of driver negligence.

Hire a Dedicated Attorney for Help With Texting While Driving Truck Accidents in Prince George’s County

When you or someone you love is injured in an accident because a truck driver was texting and driving, you could have grounds to take legal action against the driver and their employer. Retain a local attorney to represent you after texting and driving truck accidents in Prince George’s County.

Our team understands how devastating injuries from accidents with commercial trucks can be and wants to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact Price Benowitz today to set up a free legal consultation.