Signs of Child Care Negligence in Maryland

Most daycares and daycare workers take great care of the children they are tasked with observing. Unfortunately, some daycares and caretakers are more concerned with money than the children they care for, placing the children in danger. Negligence in daycares is a severe problem that can have severe consequences for children of all ages.

Fortunately, there are signs of child care negligence in Maryland, and learning how to recognize them can benefit your child, as well as other children. If your child sustains an injury caused by caretaker negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering of your child. Consult with a seasoned daycare negligence lawyer today about recovering compensation.

Continue reading to learn more about the signs of child care negligence.

Signs of Child Care Negligence

There can be numerous signs of child care negligence in Maryland, and quite frankly, anywhere else. Signs of abuse are easier to recognize, primarily because they can leave visible marks, and in reality, negligence can be harder to pinpoint. However, with close observation, parents and caretakers may notice the following signs if their child is enrolled in a negligent childcare facility:

  • Frequent hunger or thirst
  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, or broken bones
  • The facility is understaffed or staffed with underqualified workers
  • Dangerous objects are left within reach of children
  • The child behaves erratically when the time to go to daycare arrives

When left unsupervised, children can accidentally and intentionally harm each other, leaving or causing inexplicable bruises or injuries. Constant hunger or thirst may be a sign a child is not receiving the nourishment they need during daycare hours. If a parent or caretaker notices any of the signs listed above, they may want to speak with the administrator of the facility.

How is Child Care Negligence Defined?

From a legal perspective, negligence is defined as failing to fulfill a duty of care to another person. Everyone has a duty of care to another person, even a stranger, and if this duty is not met, they may be held legally liable for their actions or inaction. When evaluating a duty of care, the court will seek to determine if a person or group of people failed to take reasonable effort to ensure the safety of another person or group of people. To prove a person behaved negligently, an attorney and the claimant must prove:

  • The daycare owed a duty of care to the child.
  • The daycare breached this duty of care.
  • The breach of care resulted in injury to the child.
  • The harm was foreseeable.

For example, if a child breaks their arm while jumping from the roof of a facility while unsupervised, their injury would be classified as foreseeable. This is because an unattended child is likely to cause harm to themselves or others.

If the caretaker cannot provide an answer, parents may want to consider contacting an attorney. An experienced attorney can help them decide what steps to take next. Depending on the nature of the injury, the injured child and parents may be entitled to compensation. To avoid negative attention, they daycare may even decide to pay what they owe without going to court.

Talk to an Attorney if You Notice Any Signs of Child Care Negligence

If your child sustained an injury while under the supervision of a careless caretaker, you may have a variety of legal options at your disposal. Negligent caretakers should never be allowed to work around children, but unfortunately, some daycares continue to hire them.

Get in touch with an attorney if you notice any signs of child care negligence in Maryland or anywhere else.