Sexual Abuse in Maryland Daycares Lawyer

Physical and emotional abuse are significant problems, but nothing seems to scare parents as much as the prospect of their child being sexually abused by someone they trust. Sexual abuse is more common than many people realize, and unfortunately, it can leave survivors with lasting psychological issues, even with regular counseling. No child should be subjected to sexual abuse, especially in a daycare setting.

There is no doubt about it – most daycare workers are highly trained and trustworthy. However, some predatory caretakers take advantage of small children in the industry. Often, sexual predators threaten or intimidate children into not telling their parents, which makes it very hard to prove.

If you believe your child was sexually assaulted or harassed in a childcare facility, a sexual abuse in Maryland daycares lawyer may be able to represent you. Reach out to a compassionate daycare negligence attorney today.

Signs of Sexual Abuse

As stated above, proving sexual abuse can be immensely challenging, especially when a child refuses to tell their parents. Fortunately for parents, sexually abused children often exhibit certain behaviors. If a parent notices one or more of the following behaviors, they may want to speak with their children about potential abuse:

  • STDs, genital trauma, or bloody underwear or shorts/pants
  • Increased interest in sex
  • Temper tantrums or erratic behavior
  • Nightmares and bedwetting
  • Refusal to return to daycare

Often, sexually abused children will refuse to socialize or talk with the person responsible for their abuse. However, if parents notice any of the signs listed above, they should initiate a conversation with their child and the daycare center.

Proving a caretaker is responsible for sexually abusing a child is not an easy task. Often, other workers will stick up for the predatory employee, or the daycare may even attempt to assert the parent is responsible for the abuse. To win a case, a parent and their sexual abuse in Maryland daycares lawyer will need to prove the sexual abuse is a result of negligence.

Holding Another Party Responsible

For many people, the caretaker is the only responsible party when it comes to sexual abuse. This is partially true, but in reality, various parties may have contributed to the circumstances that caused the abuse in the first place. Depending on the nature of a case, the following parties may also be held responsible:

  • Other negligent daycare workers
  • Daycare administrators
  • Daycare owner
  • Non-employees (if the sexual abuse is committed by a person not employed by the daycare)

If a child is harmed while in the care of a childcare facility, the facility may be financially liable for their harm, even if no one faces criminal charges.

Are Abused Children Entitled to Compensation?

If a child is abused, they may be entitled to compensation for their pain and emotional suffering. Sexual abuse can cause a child to descend into emotional ruin, and even though money cannot take the experience and feelings away, holding the responsible party financially liable can give children and parents the peace of mind they deserve.

Some courts may even award punitive damages. Such damages are meant to deter a daycare center from engaging in the same negligent behavior in the future.

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Sexual abuse is one of the worst crimes, especially when it is committed against innocent children. If your child was sexually abused in the care of someone else, the guilty party should be held liable for their actions. Any compensation you recover can be used to pay for medical bills and other related expenses.

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