Maryland Daycare Negligence Lawyer

If you have recently learned that your child has injuries due to a childcare facility’s negligence, a Maryland daycare negligence lawyer could assist you in deciding whether or not to file a personal injury claim.

When you drop off your child at a daycare center, you expect that they will be given appropriate care and supervision and that there are adequate protocols in place in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, far too many parents learn the hard way that children could be at risk for devastating injuries.

If someone who owns or supervises that daycare does not follow the laws and allows your child to be hurt, legal consequences could apply if you chose to bring a lawsuit. Reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer today.

Pursuing a Negligence Claim for Accidents Inside a Daycare

If a parent’s child was hurt while staying in a daycare facility, a seasoned injury attorney could help to explain the responsibilities and the rights of the victim and how soon a legal claim must be filed in order to potentially pursue compensation.

The child, as well as the family, could be entitled to compensation as a result of the child’s injuries due to inadequate supervision in a daycare facility. The victim who brings the personal injury lawsuit bears the burden of proving negligence. This involves tracking down the insurance company to verify coverage, which can be one of the most challenging steps in a personal injury lawsuit against a daycare facility.

As a daycare negligence lawyer in Maryland could tell a victim, it can be difficult to determine whether or not a homeowner’s insurance policy applies if the daycare is run out of the owner’s home. This is where the assistance of a lawyer could help to clarify insurance-related matters.

Child Care Regulations

Maryland state laws regulate many different aspects of childcare. The childcare administration, as well as the Department of Human Resources, license childcare centers, nursery schools, family childcare homes, and school-age programs. These laws also outline staff to child ratios and place strict regulations about education, staff backgrounds, staff medical training, background checks, CPR, and more.

Safety and health requirements also apply to facilities. In a personal injury lawsuit, it could become the case that negligence on the part of the daycare owner or staff members could be the reason why a child suffers an injury.

Personal injury lawsuits in the state of Maryland must be filed no later than three years after the date of the alleged incident per Annotated Code of Maryland Courts and Juridical Proceedings 5-101.

Showing that any regulations were ignored could be the first step in proving that a daycare center did not meet their legal obligation to take care of children. Illustrating liability becomes very important in any injury claim brought by parents on behalf of kids who suffered due to abuse or accidents inside the facility.

Speak with a Maryland Daycare Negligence Attorney Today

A Maryland daycare negligence lawyer could sit down with family members to discuss the possibility of bringing a personal injury lawsuit against a daycare owner due to negligence or problems with supervision.

If you find yourself in this situation and your child has already suffered injuries, you could consult with an attorney to better understand the applicable insurance policies and to determine the next steps.