Timonium Personal Injury Lawyer

Serious accidents happen every day in the state of Maryland, and many of those incidents unfortunately would have been preventable if everyone involved had acted the way reasonable people should. However, if you can prove that the harm you experienced stemmed directly from someone else’s reckless or careless conduct, you may have the right to demand financial compensation from them for damages related to their misconduct.

A knowledgeable Timonium personal injury lawyer could provide the assistance you need to effectively pursue the compensation you deserve. Once retained, your qualified attorney could go over your recovery options with you, help you construct a comprehensive argument for financial restitution, and work to maximize available recovery on your behalf.

How to Hold Someone Else at Fault for a Personal Injury

At the core of almost every personal injury lawsuit is a legal concept called “negligence.” This principle is what allows someone to bear financial fault for the consequences of their accident even if they had no intention of knowingly causing anyone any harm.

In short, negligence has four components, all of which must be present in order for a personal injury claim to be valid. First, the “defendant” named in their claim must have owed the injured “plaintiff” a responsibility to act safely and reasonably based on the circumstances—in legal terms, a “duty of care.” Next, the defendant must have done something so reckless or careless that it constitutes a “breach” of this duty, like breaking a traffic law, failing to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition, or not meeting a standard of care associated with their profession.

Third, the defendant’s reckless or careless actions must have been the direct and primary cause of an accident—a car crash, a slip or trip and fall, or any other situation that put someone else at risk of harm. Finally, the plaintiff must have suffered compensable losses as a direct result of the accident, at least one of which must have been a physical injury necessitating professional medical care. A Timonium personal injury attorney could explain and discuss these elements in more detail during a private consultation.

The Potential Impact of Contributory Negligence

Importantly, being able to prove that someone else was to blame for an accident is only half the equation for a successful personal injury lawsuit in Timonium. The other half is the plaintiff proving that they themselves were not at fault for their own injuries in any way, because Maryland state court precedent will forbid them from getting any compensation at all if they are.

More specifically, the “pure contributory negligence” standard that state civil courts adhere to prevents civil recovery by anyone who is even a little bit to blame for their own personal injury. Accordingly, getting help from a skilled personal injury lawyer in Timonium could be essential to securing a good case outcome, given how consequential accusations of contributory fault can be.

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Getting hurt in an accident is a uniquely frightening experience, and it is by no means unusual to have questions about protecting your best interests in the aftermath. Fortunately, help is available from experienced legal representatives who know how cases like yours work and could work tirelessly to ensure yours has the best outcome possible.

If you want to pursue compensation from the party who caused you to suffer undue harm, scheduling a meeting with a Timonium personal injury lawyer should be a high priority. Call today for your initial consultation.