Maryland Motorcycle Accident Prevention

All vehicle operators must pay attention to the road and keep a lookout for what is in front of them, what is on the side of them, and what is behind them, especially when they are going to turn. Most motorcyclists ride very safely with the greatest dangers coming from other drivers not seeing them and giving them adequate respect on the road. If you have any uncertainty about what your rights are on the road as a biker, it may be wise to consult with a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer.

Some of the actions that can be taken for Maryland motorcycle accident prevention are to maintain full situational awareness and riding defensively. When there is a car or other vehicle nearby, riders should maintain their attention on the road, but never lose sight or awareness of that vehicle so the rider could take evasive action if necessary. There are many actions you could take to potentially protect yourself from a collision while you are riding, and remaining careful could potentially keep you safe from injury in the first place.

Hand Signals Versus Signal Lights

Drivers are required to control their vehicle but they are not required to use both hands at all times. Both riders and drivers may use their hands to signal a turn, though this is usually only reserved for when there is an electrical malfunction on a car. However, some riders may choose to use hand signals if they are riding in a large group. People may be concerned that with one hand off the handlebars, the rider may not have full control, but if the other hand is being used as a turn signal, they would not be considered negligent.

General Safety Measures

By law, motorcycles are entitled to have the whole lane to themselves just like any car would. Drivers are supposed to afford them every courtesy they would extend to a full-sized vehicle. This also means that, unless your state’s laws permit it, riders should not split lanes and ride between cars on the road. In Maryland, lane-splitting is illegal and will result in a citation. It will also be used against the rider as contributory negligence and likely prevent bringing a successful negligence claim against a driver whose negligence also contributed to causing a crash.

Additionally, in Maryland, all riders are required to wear a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved safety helmet and eye protection. Wearing a helmet could significantly reduce the severity of a crash, potentially saving a rider’s life.

If a biker is riding off-road, there are some different safety measures they should take. When riding of the pavement, motorcyclists want to be properly attired, including gloves, and covering for the mouth, nose, eyes, and arms. Generally, full protective gear is best and there is armor available that could reduce the impact of a fall or crash as well as any harm from flying objects or the terrain.

There are circumstances in which weather is involved in a motorcycle accident. Drivers of cars may try to use bad weather as an excuse for why they caused an accident, harming a motorcyclist but, in these cases, if the weather was concerning, they should have been driving slower and more cautiously. A local motorbike accident lawyer could help someone fight for compensation and justice if a driver caused an accident in this manner. Of course, difficult weather conditions could always lead to single vehicle crashes, and if the weather simply causes a bike to slip off the road, nobody would be at fault.

Call an Attorney for More Motorcycle Safety Information

Some protective measures to take after a motorcycle accident include trying to get off the roadway. If your bike is laying there in the middle of the lane, you do not want to stay next to the motorcycle as you may be hit.

Another potential safety feature someone could utilize is a camera on attached to their bike or their helmet. In cases where someone else causes an accident, this may help prove that the other party was responsible for the wreck. To learn more about Maryland motorcycle accident prevention and any other steps you could take to ensure your safety and the safety of your claim, call right away and schedule an initial consultation.