Maryland Out of State Motorcyclist Accidents

Even if riders are from out of state, they are still required to follow all Maryland ordinances. The state has a mandatory helmet law and even if a rider is from a state that does not require wearing a MTA-approved helmet and eye-protection, they are still obligated to wear a helmet or they could be pulled over and ticketed. Surprisingly, despite Maryland’s strong insistence on helmet use, as with the seat-belt requirement in cars, a rider’s failure to wear a helmet cannot be used as evidence of contributory negligence for injuries in a crash.

When there is a Maryland out of state motorcyclist accident, there may be unique concerns that make these injury cases particularly difficult. However, an experienced local motorcycle accident attorney may be able to help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Ignorance of Local Law as a Defense

Drivers and riders from out of state often claim they are unaware of local laws. However, ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse for failing to comply with regulation. Riders have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with the laws of any state they are passing through. The helmet law is particularly important.

First Steps Out of State Bikers Should Take After a Wreck in Maryland

If a person is involved in a motorcycle crash in Maryland, the first thing they should do is call a qualified local lawyer. After notifying law enforcement and retaining an attorney, they should get photos of the scene, the other driver’s information, and contact information for any witnesses. It is imperative that a local attorney be contacted because a legal representative must be admitted to practice law in the state where the accident occurred and a lawyer from a rider’s home state would not be as prepared to handle a case in a Maryland jurisdiction.

Common Damages in Motorbike Crashes

There are two kinds of common damages in Maryland motorcycle accident claims. The first are liquidated or special damages which are actual monetary things such as lost wages, medical bills and any loss of future income. If a rider has been hurt so badly they cannot continue their career and they must do something else, they should hire an economist to clarify how much of a loss is likely to occur and those would also be monetary damages.

The other kind of compensation available are non-economic damages to cover pain and suffering. These damages are significantly more difficult to calculate, but a person may still be eligible to collect payment for these losses.

An Attorney Could Help Out of State Riders with Their Injuries

If a person is involved in a crash and the crash is determined to be their fault, their insurance rates will likely increase. Even if they are found to not be responsible for the accident but they are issued a citation for something such as a helmet law violation, they may see their insurance rates change and their ability to get compensation reduced. Handling Maryland out of state motorcycle accidents is a difficult proposition and generally requires help from a dedicated local motorcycle crash attorney. To get started on your case and to get the local help you need, call right away and schedule a consultation.