Maryland Wage and Hour Lawyer

Everyone who performs honest work in the state of Maryland deserves to be compensated fairly for their time and effort. However, not every employer in the state adheres to the standards set by the Maryland Wage and Hour Law, leading to millions of dollars in stolen wages every year.

If you believe you were not paid appropriately or in a timely fashion for the hours you worked, talking to a Maryland wage and hour lawyer may be in your best interest. A skilled attorney can start by discussing your legal options with you in a private consultation and then work on your behalf to help recover backpay, interest, and various other damages stemming from your employer’s violation of state law.

State Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws

Under Maryland Statutes, Labor and Employment §3-413, the statewide minimum wage for non-tipped employees of a business of any size is $11.00 per hour worked as of 2020. Based upon this statute, the Maryland minimum wage will continue to increase on a yearly basis, until it eventually rises to $15.00 per hour for most businesses on January 1, 2025, and for businesses with 14 or fewer employees on July 1, 2026. Importantly, employees under 18 years of age are only owed 85 percent of the state minimum wage.

Under Maryland Statutes, Labor and Employment §3-419, any employee who makes more than $30 per month in tips from customers is only owed $3.63 per hour directly from their employer, provided the employee earns enough money through tips to provide them the regular minimum hourly wage. If their wages and tips combined do not equate to $11.00 per hour, their employer must make up the difference.

Regardless of whether they are a tipped or non-tipped worker, though, most employees in Maryland must be paid 1.5 times their normal hourly wage for any “overtime” hour worked in a single week, as per Maryland Statutes, Labor and Employment §3-415. Generally, overtime hours are those worked in excess of 40 hours per week, but this can vary based on profession in question, as a Maryland wage and hour attorney could clarify in further detail.

Taking Action Against Wage Theft

If an employer denies an employee the minimum wage or overtime compensation they are owed, Maryland Statutes, Labor and Employment §3-427 grants that employee the right to take legal action against their employer. Under this section of state law, recoverable damages based upon a court decision in the employee’s favor may include whatever back pay the employee was owed, but did not receive from their employer, that same amount again in “liquidated damages,” and any fees owed to the employee’s legal counsel.

This right is not superseded by any agreement made between the employer and employee for an illegally low wage to be paid, as any such agreement is automatically invalid under Maryland Statutes, Labor and Employment §3-405. However, these wage and hour statutes do not cover certain types of workers, so it is best to consult with a lawyer in Maryland first before trying pursue legal action alone.

Speak with a Maryland Wage and Hour Attorney Today

State law establishes various minimum compensation requirements and numerous recordkeeping obligations for Maryland employers, and a failure to abide by any of them could be grounds for litigation. If your employer broke state law and underpaid you as a result, you can—and should—take action to pursue the restitution you deserve.

Assistance from a Maryland wage and hour lawyer could be crucial to achieving a favorable outcome in a case like this. Call today to discuss your legal options.