What to do After a Baltimore Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is something that nobody wants to have happen to them. It can be difficult knowing what to do, especially when stress levels are so high. Learn more about the important steps to take following a Baltimore car accident by speaking with an experienced and compassionate local attorney who understands the law.

Assess the Scene of the Accident

The first thing a person should do after a car accident is assess the situation. If a person is able to photograph either their physical injuries or the property damage, this information could be very useful and helpful in prosecuting the claim later on. Additionally, if the injured person is able to obtain photographs of the scene of the accident, it would certainly help in understanding how the accident occurred and supplement or confirm the description that is provided by the injured person.

Seek Medical Attention

The person should evaluate whether or not they require medical attention. If they believe for any reason that they require medical attention, they should not hesitate to get it and should call 911 and request that an ambulance be dispatched to the accident scene. If a person is able to assess the situation, they can determine whether they need medical attention. If a person needs medical attention for any reason, they should not hesitate to request it. It is important for people to seek medical attention in order to ensure that there are no other injuries that may not be seen to the naked eye, so a person should always err on the side of caution in seeking medical attention.

Call the Police

If a person is able to assess the situation and they are not in need of immediate medical attention, they should contact the local Baltimore police. The police can facilitate the exchange of pertinent information and also record any statements by any of the parties involved at the accident scene. Likewise, the police can record any witness statements and obtain contact information for any witnesses to the accident. It is important for people to contact the police as soon as they can.

By contacting the police, the injured person has set in motion a number of things. The police can respond to the scene and facilitate the exchange of contact information between everyone involved in the motor vehicle accident. The police can also take down or record any witness statements from any of the parties involved in the accident or anyone who has seen the accident. Likewise, the police can obtain contact information for any witnesses that may have seen the accident.

People who have witnessed an accident are usually more comfortable speaking with the police than to anyone else who has been involved in an accident. It is very important to contact the police officer to respond to the scene so that all of the pertinent information can be collected.

Contact a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer

A person should contact an experienced Baltimore car accident attorney as soon as they can after the accident. By contacting the attorney, the injured person can understand the claim process and understand what they should expect in terms of the claim moving forward and the overall length of time that the claim will take to process. By contacting an attorney, they will be able to fully investigate the claim and should be able to lock down any important information that may be needed later on to prosecute that claim.

It is important to contact a Baltimore car accident lawyer as quickly as possible so that the attorney and the client can discuss the facts and circumstances of the individual case. This way, the attorney can begin working right away in collecting all the necessary information and evidence that will be required to advance the injured person’s claim later on down the road.