Common Causes of Car Accidents in Baltimore

Auto Accidents can happen at any moment and therefore it is important to be the most prepared you can be. Car accidents can be overwhelming, both medically and financially, and oftentimes, a person should spend their time resting instead of focusing on the legal fallout. The most important reason to contact a Baltimore car accident lawyer is to retain the services of an attorney who practices in the area. When a person consults with and retains a lawyer, they know that the attorney has experience handling cases in that particular jurisdiction and can advise the client as to any unique attributes or qualities of handling a claim in Baltimore.

Accidents can occur in Maryland for any number of reasons. In Baltimore, texting while driving is a common cause. When a person is texting while driving, they are not paying full attention to the operation of the motor vehicle and the fact that they are texting while driving can be used as evidence of their negligence in the operation of motor vehicle.

Drunk Driving

Likewise, drunk driving or driving while impaired is a factor that comes into play with automobile accidents. As many people know, it is illegal for a person to operate a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. The purpose of this law is to prevent dangerous drivers from operating a motor vehicle with other drivers on the road. Drunk driving or driving while impaired can cause a car accident in Baltimore.

Traffic Violations

Speeding is also a common cause of accidents. Often, people think of speeding in terms of driving on a highway and exceeding the speed limit, but they also need to understand that when  traveling in Baltimore City, speeding may occur on a more congested road and can be the cause of an accident. Bad weather can also be a factor in causing an accident. Baltimore experiences all four seasons and has a rainy season during the summer and ice and snow in the winter. All of these issues can be factors in determining the cause of motor vehicle accidents.

In more urban areas such as Baltimore City, there are a number of congested roadways that are controlled by devices such as a red light. If a person fails to observe a red light that is controlling their lane of travel then this violation of the rules of the road can be a factor in causing an accident.

Other Potential Accident Causes in Baltimore

Other factors that may lead to a Baltimore car accident include driving at night. An evaluation is usually done in these types of cases which looks at whether the driver of the motor vehicle is operating their vehicle in a safe and prudent manner based upon the circumstances at that time. If the driver of the vehicle is operating at night, they must operate their vehicle as safely as a driver could under those circumstances. This includes the driver possibly reducing their speed or taking other actions to maintain their safety given the darkness of night.

Likewise, unsafe lane changes can lead to accident. Again, in Baltimore City there are heavily congested roads and traffic traveling in multiple lanes in the same direction. Therefore, if a driver fails to change lanes in a safe way, they may be deemed liable for causing an accident. To discuss establishing liability in a claim, consult an experienced Baltimore car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Tailgating is another issue that can commonly cause accidents. Tailgating is commonly described when one vehicle is following very closely behind another vehicle and operating in a fairly aggressive way. Tailgating can be a cause of an accident and given society’s common knowledge and common understanding of this term, and the fact they may have experienced it before, tailgating may be a factor in both determining liability and ultimately evaluating how a jury would evaluate that particular case.