Car Accident Trials in Baltimore

In this day and age, cars are an indispensable part of daily life. With the prevalence of cars and car use, car accidents have become increasingly common as well. Following an accident, individuals typically go to trial. Car accident trials in Baltimore can be difficult to handle without the assistance of a skilled car accident attorney. A capable legal advocate could devote the time and resources necessary to help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Process of Litigating a Car Accident Case

The first step during car accident trials in Baltimore is filing the complaint. Then, the defendant is served. The accident victim, through their attorney, begins the discovery process, which includes interrogatories and requests for production of documents. A lawyer would then talk to witnesses and obtain the police report. They may contact medical experts to talk about the causation opinion with respect to the injuries and the treatment of the injured person to decide whether or not it was the result of the car accident or a preexisting condition. The attorneys also take a deposition of the negligent driver. The attorney for the negligent driver will take the injured party’s deposition. They will take witness depositions and then, eventually, to the case will go to either mediation or a settlement conference before a judge. If the case is not resolved, it is taken to trial.

Opening and Closing Statements

Both parties are entitled to give an opening statement in front of a jury during car accident trials in Baltimore. The plaintiff goes first and then the defendant goes second. An opening statement is used to explain to the jury why they are there and what the parties intend to prove in the case.

The plaintiff’s attorney is the one who does the closing statement. In closing arguments, the attorneys compile all of the evidence and argue the evidence in the light most favorable to the accident victim. That can help the jury understand what the evidence was and how much they should compensate the injured party.

The plaintiff’s attorney sets forth all of what the evidence shows and asks for a dollar amount. Now, in closing arguments, since the plaintiff has the burden of proof, they go first. Then the defendant has a closing argument and the plaintiff gets to go a second time for rebuttal.

Litigating with Multiple Defendants

Car accident trials in Baltimore proceed the same way if there are multiple defendants. There can be multiple causes of an accident and multiple causes of an injury and the verdict would be against all of them. Having multiple defendants does not really change the order of the process. The plaintiff would still have the burden of proof and still go first.  Defendants are called up one at a time and will be asked questions about their conduct that caused the accident, which does not involve the health laws.

It would be the jury’s decision to decide whether or not each of these defendants was a cause of the accident. Everyone is jointly and severally liable, which means the parties are responsible for 100% of the value of the claim, but is split up among each of them.

Duration of Litigation in Car Accident Cases

It will take anywhere from 18 months to two years for a case to go to trial. A trial can take anywhere from two days to a week in a car accident case.

Are there any factors that can influence the length or brevity of a case?  Some factors that could impact the length of a case include the severity of the person’s injuries, the amount of experts needed, and the schedules of everyone involved, including the court.

How a Baltimore Car Accident Attorney Could Help

A lawyer has to roll with the punches when dealing with car accident trials in Baltimore. They have to know the facts of the case and how to get the evidence in. The attorney needs to know the evidence rules and has to be able to make strategic modifications to the trial plan quickly as it is a dynamic process. If an individual has been injured in a car accident case, they should work with an experienced car accident attorney that is flexible and could fight diligently to hold the at-fault party liable.